Have 86 Sprint Plus Automatic Will Start With No Problem But Not Idle Prop...

Problem. Is this just carbureator problem or something else or a combination of things, what can I try. Is there a mechanic in new York city area who I can trust who knows my car and can diagnosi...

Mornings Hard To Start Could It Be Fuel Pump


Stalling Problems With A 1988 Chevy Sprint

Car runs awhile and then quits and won't start for a while but sometimes it will run all day without a problem

I Have An 88 Chevy Sprint 4 Door N/A Engine Manual Transmission.

I want to rebuild the entire car from bumper to bumper but I can't find parts. Can somebody tell me where to start looking. I've tried to find parts online but they are few & far between. Any help wou...

87 Sprint Turbo Combination Switch

Hello, I for some reason broke the combination switch on my Sprint and would like to know if I could find any place that has a replacement part for it?