99 Geo Metro What Alternator Will Fit

Will an alternator work for my 99 geo from another Chevrolet car

98 Chevy Metro Starting Problem

When I try to start the engine, after it has set for a while, it turns slowly at first and as I keep trying to get it to start it slowly increases revolutions until it starts. Once it starts, it ru...


runs then it shuts itself off for no reason.this hppened 2 times . i have replace everything except new fuel pump and water pump. what can it be now?

Car Starts And Runs Good For About 5 Min Then Dies And Won't Restart For At...

Starts and runs good when cold but after 5min or so it sputters and dies and won't restart for an hour or so


I Have A Chevrolet 2000 Metro The Low Beams Do Not Come On.

I have a Chevrolet 2000 Metro the low beams do not come on, they only work as driving lights or high beam, I checked the fuses, replaced the headlights, replaced the relays, replaced the driving light...