1978 Chevy 350 Won't Run

My truck will crank and start when gas dumped down the carburetor. After that it stalls. It will idle as long as I keep dumping gas in the carb. Anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong with it...

Can I Reattach The Clucth Fan Mount On My Waterpump?

After i replaced my waterpump the seal on one side didnt hold, and when it blew it popped the mounting pully off that i attache my clutch fan to. Can i fix this or do i need a new pump?


79' Chevy K20 Custom Deluxe Will Not Turn Over.

I recently bought a 1979 Chevy K20 Custom Deluxe and it will not turn over. The first day I got the pickup, it ran perfectly fine. I drove it about a few miles or so and then it just stopped. No hiccu...

One Out Of Two Fuel Injectors Dumping Massive Amounts Of Gas

I have a 1987 Chevy Silverado R20 350 fuel injected TBI the truck is a 3/4 ton 2 wheel drive My truck has an original 7600 miles on it it's been sitting in a garage since 1990 if you saw it you wou...