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2018 Lotus EvoraReview
Gibson writes:

Nothing wrong with this car...its great as is...I love it

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2021 Lotus Evora Reviews

Review By Joeproturbo

This car is a real drivers vehicle. Razor sharp handling. Awesome power. Awesome brakes. Aggressive looks. Exotic. Read More

2017 Lotus Evora Reviews

Review By Craig

Have had my 17 Evora 400 for 7 months. Some minor items covered under warranty, other than that not one issue. Better handling and faster than my Caymsn S. Im keeping for a long time! Read More


True drivers car and something very different than everything else out there. Falls short with spotty fit and finish but the driving experience makes up for it. Read More

2013 Lotus Evora Reviews

Review By Guru9CDXY7

Exciting, exotic and uncomfortable, its everything a super car should be. If you look it up there are some reliability issues, but no car would be a super car without bring impractical. If youre worri... Read More

2012 Lotus Evora Reviews

Better Than I Expected. It's A Track Car Build For Everyday Driving. By William

Smooth, sleek lines, Lotus mystique, performance and (esp) handling are quite good. Minor fit and trim issues can be bothersome and it would be nice if there was a dealer closer by. Overall, it's been... Read More

2011 Lotus Evora Reviews

Review By CarJunky28

Rare car, can day drive and even take on 6hr road trips; also an exotic Read More

Omg Your Feel Your Way Smoothly On Rails By lckitty

NOTHING drives like this. Mentally connected to the tire patches through your fingers. Unreal. Dare you to go drive one. Nothing grips and corners like this. Unreal brakes. You hit the brake WAY ... Read More

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