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2017 Lincoln MKTReview
Leon writes:

The MKT is a well dressed large sized vehicle that has amazing power with the Ecoboost engine. The jump seat in the third row make it the perfecr family hauler. Its pretty much in a class by itself even though he Ford Flex shares the same chassis. Pound for pound I dont believe theres another vehicle that offers this level of luxury, features, power & style .

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2017 Lincoln MKTReview
Lambert writes:

Dependability capacity reliable durability over 3000000 miles

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Displaying all 2017 Lincoln MKT reviews reviews.

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2019 Lincoln MKT Reviews

Review By Robert

exceptional ride, lots of power; way too many gadgets to learn to operate but I think I will love the challenge! lol Read More

Review By Rosemary

Love the look and what it gives for a comfortable ride and drive. Read More

2018 Lincoln MKT Reviews

Review By Guru9SDT91

I’ve been an Lincoln MK T fan for 8 yrs now. I have not taken delivery on this car yet. There were a number of hoops that needed jumping thru. The offer on my trade in was very low. The purchase proce... Read More

Review By Sherri

I like the car. The extra room is great. I wanted something that could accommodate a wheel chair. Ours is a Lincoln Town Car Wagon. 4 wheel drive. And I can flat tow behind my motorhome. Read More

2016 Lincoln MKT Reviews

Review By Steven

It feels very large, with blind spots on the sides. I believe it would hold a lot of gear. Read More

2015 Lincoln MKT Reviews

Review By Ken

expensive to maintain,repairs are highest of any cars.Coming depreciation extremely high.All luxery cars loose value after the fifth or sixth year. Read More

Review By Guru9TTX8B

room power and style with a smooth ride good gas mileage Read More

2014 Lincoln MKT Reviews

Review By Steve

A very good looking automobile also alot of options Read More

Review By Guru9Y9WP9

good features would compare with Buick Enclave Chevy Traverse Read More

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