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2015 Volvo S80Review
LeeAnn writes:

Loved everything about it! I think It’s a great value for the price

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2015 Volvo S80 2015.5 T5 Review
GuruXC46C says:
The Volvo’s , have solid reliable engines that, normally aspirated have no equal. Volvo S80 Driver seats are unexcelled because they are front to back “long” enough to hold the weight of your legs off the throttle. You aren’t compelled to drive the car seated like Buddha. You don’t have to painfully roll your ankles on the floor . The heating and soundproofing is also the best there is. Those cars are built for cold Northern European weather. Volvo screwed up when they stopped building the S80 in deference to the winky dinky front seats in the S60 that are like sitting in bleacher seats in the city park. Dropping the T6 engine was also dumb. Where in the entire world is the need for a turbo compounded engine practical. A Turbo piggybacked with a supercharger!!! At what altitude do they expect that need. Those engines are going to be scorched at 75,000 miles. I repeat, no one builds a better driver seat than that in the S80 or the XC70. Find a good used one. Fat chance.
vs2015 Lexus ES 350
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Front Seats Ranked 2015 Lexus ES 350 worse.
"They are much longer than the Lexux seats. The S80 will hold your butt and legs all the way to the back of your knees. The Lexus requires the driver to sit in a position of a Buddha to keep the weight of your legs off the throttle. No way possible to toggle the throttle from the heel of your foot. You have to roll you gotta over on the righty ankle and that hurts the ankle, the calves, the knees, the hips. Big price, junky car. The soundproofing is about $200 per car shirt if acceptable in the Lexus. "
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Displaying all 2015 Volvo S80 reviews reviews.

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2016 Volvo S80 Reviews

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My second S80. Replaced one totalled in an accident. Love the car. Read More

Review By RealtorPVW

This is my third S80, 2001, 2011 and now 2016. I love this car and am sad it is out of production. I have always bought them used and was never disappointed. for us the fold down rear seats are better... Read More

2011 Volvo S80 Reviews

Review By Carl

Yes is a good value. I checked that year and model and it came up with good reviews. I dont think it is missing anything for my liking when I seen what it was equipped with Read More

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Over priced in nice condition but definitely priced to high Read More

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The more you can get for the money you spend Read More

Review By Crypto

Completely happy with car. Quiet, powerful, luxurious and good looking. Read More

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Great Family Car By GeneRoman

Good, roomy all around family car with good looks and handling. Large trunk but small opening. Fold down rear seats help for long items. I have low miles and didn't have any problems. Poor gas milag... Read More

Look Out, Germans: Here Come The Swedes! By Aaron

This is our fifth Volvo, and it is by far our best yet. I mean we had the bullet-proof 850 GLT, so that's saying something. I love how this car looks, inside and out. It's a great example of contemp... Read More

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Review By Jack E

I have a 2009 S80, 3.2. So far Ive put 110000 miles on it. Its a very mid-luxurious, efficient and comfortable car with some of the best seats and safety features in the industry.. Many people hav... Read More

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Great acceleration and braking. Best factory sound system i have heard. Great safety features and interior design. Not what most people expect from a Volvo, and priced well below premium europe... Read More

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