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2005 Pontiac Aztek AWDReview
Joe writes:

Functional — functional, i have had to do basic maintenance and that it is. it moves the kids around, does not get stuck in the snow and rides comfortably. unfortunately it has a goofy tire size. has that quirky look to it.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: few problems

Cons: crappy gas mileage

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2005 Pontiac AztekReview
iresfrank writes:

Aztec - The Greatest Srv Gm Never Realized It Had Invented! — I love my 2001 Aztek. Yes I've had a few issues like leaking gasket and front suspension joints requiring replacement, but at 135k miles I would have had this with any car. For our active family, one daughter in girl scouts and son who became an Eagle Scout - this car became ESSENTIAL for lugging week long camping equipment in and out of dirt and gravel road campgrounds for the last 6 years. I would not have been caught dead in a BMW or Mercedes in some of these rough places (too out of place) and at half the price I accept the few scratches and acorn dings as badges of honor. GREAT CAR. Biggest mistake GM made was listening to the critics. They should have KEPT IT and offered a stgronger engine. I would NOW be buying a NEW ONE if they were still made. Everytime a company comes out with a great car I like they discontinue it. Reminds me of the 4 wd Subaru GL XT i had in the early nineties. Stuck to the road like a slot car. And Subaru discontinued that.

Pros: We drove up and down ENTIRE Eastern Seaboard with our Aztek!

Cons: Rear Hatch is bulky and pistons fail after two years.

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Displaying all 2005 Pontiac Aztek reviews reviews.

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2004 Pontiac Aztek Reviews

My Favorite Car In 34 Years. By Azteky

This has been my favorite vehicle to own over the last 34 years. I always like the odd styling to it. Now I am even happier as it's oddity is apparently beginning to make it a bit of a collector's ... Read More

Sure, It's Ugly, But It's A Great Car That I Would Reccomend To Anyone. By Stephanie

It's a great car. If it has survived my driving, it can survive anyone. The best part is the tent and also the center divider is a cooler! It's a fun car to drive, but not that great to look at. Read More

2003 Pontiac Aztek Reviews

Aztek Is A Great Vehicle When You Can Find One. By Fmcneil51

I saved a lot of money on maintenance - regular oil changes, service and keeping the car clean has made ownership more pleasant and a lot more fun. I am only selling this because we have another gran... Read More

Bring It Back, I Want A New One. By nobody8u2

mileage, space, sounds, comfort, durability. When these came out nobody I knew wanted one, probably why I tried one. I fell for it after the first test drive. It had pick up from the first stop sign, ... Read More

2002 Pontiac Aztek Reviews

Ultimate Fun Tailgating / Camper/ Tent Vehicle Out There! By LLMoore

This is a very fun car with all of it bells and whistles. A great crossover vehicle that is roomy but compact at the same time....it doesn't feel overly large when driving it but has lots of cargo sp... Read More

Perfect For My Teenager By JosieShaw

There is not much to dislike at this point. We picked it up for my teenager who just got her permit. Looks like a safe enough and fun car to zip from home to school. I even enjoy taking it out for a s... Read More

2001 Pontiac Aztek Reviews

I Have Had It For 4 Years And It Got Me Through My College Years Fine. By hog96

Wish they were still made. I would purchase a new Aztek today. Shows almost no signs of rust even below the door frames. The bar in the back window does not bother me at all after the first week. All... Read More

Great Family Vehicle By Barbara

good handling, good acceleration, to notch breaking its 10 yrs old and we have a leaking head gasget love the appearance, and lots of interior room about 25 highway mileage it is fun to drive and you ... Read More

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