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Ashton writes:

A Proper Bloke’s Saloon —

A proper bloke’s saloon Yes, I know a M5, E55 (and now E63), and Audi RS6 are faster, but there is something about this Jag that I love. It looks great, sounds great, it’s a torque monster, and it it’s like 10 t0 20 grand less than the other three. Get inside and you feel like your in a cockpit, with the high center counsel, and the large burl wood veneer that covers the dash. Unlike most other luxury cars, Jaguars don’t try to hide the sounds that come from the engine and exhaust (the good sounds). Give the car a little gas and you will be rewarded with a muted growl coming from the exhaust, give it more gas and the growl will get louder, but then a sexy whine will start to build up as the supercharger spools faster. The only draw back to performance is the onboard computer nanny that discourages improper behavior (something that I believe has been fixed in newer models). This car makes lots of torque and produces powerful acceleration, it should after all it makes almost 400 hp. The only draw backs of the S-type R is that it tends to visit the shop more often than desired. It was sort of disconcerting the day the brakes started going out, it was due to a ruptured brake fluid line. Secondly for a car costing $60,000, it would be nice if more than just the seating surfaces were covered with leather. Seat backs and sides are vinyl, probably because the bureaucracy at Ford likes to cut corners. And there is the common complaint about the stylish but inconvenient J-gate shifter. The car loves mountain roads, and has no problem with steep inclines. In addition, you can pass with confidence, event if there is a car in the oncoming lane. And while doing all of this you get to see the well sculpted “leaper” that pounces proudly from the hood of the car. I just can’t help but love the car.

Pros: Acceleration, Sound, Performance, Interior design.

Cons: Reliablility, Some cheap touches in the interior, J-gate shifters, electonic nannies.

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