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1998 Buick Park Avenue FWDReview
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I Love My Park Avenues — I have had a 1995 park Avenue, a 2000 park Avenue and now a 1998 Park Avenue. It is a great vehicle at a reasonable price. The 3.8L engine a strong but will develop an intake manifold proble around the EGR valve. This can be as bad as having a hydro lock on the engine. Drain the water, fix the upper intake and go another 100,000 miles. These are roomey easy riding cars that will travel the country in comfort. Can not beat them for the money.

Pros: large vehicle that gets 19 MPG city and 29 to 30 MPG highway. if you keep your foot out of it when you accelerate. Super comfprtable for a lagre person like myself. Eats up the snow, traveled I-64 through 6 inches no problem. Great looking dash with accent wood trim. Drive 8 to 12 hours no problem. Really good fuel economy for the size. Very little maintenance required other than preventative.

Cons: Not a terribly attractive vehicle, but I get to look at the interior and dash. Single CD players tend to go out.

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1998 Buick Park AvenueReview

Gas Is Low — I like the leather seats and the heated seats and I like the way it handles and it is fast ! And I like the air shocks, which went out at a cost of 340 bucks. It gets good gas mileage for a luxory car. It is fun to drive to...

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Luxory to the max

Cons: Gas milealge

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1998 Buick Park Avenue FWDReview

98 Park Avenue — I own a 1998 park avenue and I love it! I have known for a while that the 3.8 engine is a good one so when I was looking for a car, i looked for one with that engine. I test drove my buick and even though I was initialy looking for something sportier like a grand prix, I fell in love with this cars room and comfort. It is a beautifull car and handles well for something this big with this smooth a ride. I was also surprised with the passing power. I've taken it on several long road trips and get between 30 and 33 mpg with te cruise set on 65. I've had to repace the upper intake manifold becouse of water leaks, but other than that it's been very reliable and solid. It has 133,000 miles on it and I pan on owning it till at least 300,000 then I'll buy another buick. This is a very underated car, I've reommended it to my brother who is going to buy another car soon.

Pros: styling,performance,mostly comfort,gas miliage and value. nearly a caddilac for half the price

Cons: not a corvette, but hey, different kinds of cars aren't they

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1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra FWDReview

Buick Park Avenue Ultra-supercharged — besides the pleather seats being worn and some of the interior needing some work, the buick is a pretty good car. great space, nice ride. gets to where you need to go. Fun car to drive and to race, it will beat any car out there. Has or will have a nice sound system built in a few more weeks.

Pros: supercharged

Cons: gas hog

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1998 Buick Park Avenue FWDReview

Very Classy, Great For People Who Want A Roomy Car. — This is my dad's daily driver. He used it to take clients out to restaurants. Has leather seats, faux-cherry accents, CD player. Has pretty decent gas mileage, and is very roomy and comfortable.

Pros: Classy, leather seats, has room for 6 people comfortably.

Cons: Has had many electrical problems, including broken door handle that stayed locked, and a starter needed to be replaced.  A very large car that is difficult to maneuver.

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1998 Buick Park Avenue FWD Review
vs2000 Buick Century Limited Sedan FWD
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Displaying all 6 1998 Buick Park Avenue reviews.

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it is really sharp. it is a buick so it has been very reliable and dependable. it gets fairly good gas, about 25mi per gallon. I bought it used with 123000 mi and wasn't anything wrong with it. It is ... Read More

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