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1998 AM General Hummer 4-Door Open Top AWDReview
jhouser99 writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Interior Noise:
Maintenance Cost:

Ultimate Offroad Machine — Great vehicle to feel safe in, loved being able to cruise down the road then while headed to the dirt let the air out as you drove and hit the dirt. Then turn on the air pump when you were done and head home.

Pros: Great off-road, commanding road presence, drive through or over anything feeling.

Cons: Reliability, repair cost if you did not DIY,  wide

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1998 AM General Hummer 4-Door Wagon AWDReview
Christof writes:

Tons Of Fun! — My dad had purchased the Hummer a few years back as a trade in for our 1999 Ford F 150. We had a blast with it. We had it in a lot of parades in our area, since it was one of the only ones around. Handled like a dream off road, and on road. Handled like any heavy duty truck. Didn't get the greatest mileage, but who cares. At the time, you could only get a Hummer serviced at a certified Hummer dealer without messing up your warranty. That was the main purpose of selling it. Service centers were not close and they were expensive when something did need to get fixed. But, it was a blast while we had it and now I'm riding in the military version for my deployment in Afghanistan!

Pros: Everything!

Cons: Price

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Displaying all 1998 AM General Hummer reviews reviews.

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