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1995 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Extended RWDReview
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From Ugly Duckling To "mystery Machine" 2.0 — It was cheap and available when my 96 Caravan went D.O.A. What a poor neglected thing! But... Bosch/Accel parts tune-up, Flow Master muffler, cone air filter, electric colling fans, Sensa-Matic shocks, ALL NEW rear brakes, polyureathane sway-bar bushings, synthetic Lucas/oil, oversize oil filter, 16 inch rims/tires etc etc etc. It's FUN, handy, and a big surprise power-wise to many people. It has STEALTH properties now. ;) P.S. As of Oct 2012 I finally had 1.6 to 1 roller tipped rocker arms installed. WOW More torque. More power. Haven't checked mileage yet. Consumption seems the same. They really made a difference in the way the engine breathes. A viable alternative to replacing the camshaft. 24 JAN 13: Installed an aluminum Power Pulley made by ASP Racing (Auto Specialties Performance) part number ASP841000. That really made a difference! Better acceleration. More crusing power on the Interstate. Better able to work against a headwind. Fuel gauge seems to go down a little slower now too. The whole thing cost less than $120.

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: 90% plus of a full-sized P/U truck load. 100% DRY-hauling in a monsoon!!!

Cons: It's a big NOISY tin box on wheels. But I'm working on that problem.

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