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1990 Alfa Romeo SpiderReview
davedillon writes:
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Don't Tell Me About Vroom, Vroom. — My second Spider. I love these cars even if they don't always love me back. Our relationship is complicated, but deep. My wife talks about getting a Miata. I don't think she understands me or being an Alfisti. The mechanicals are solid -- except that second gear syncro. The wiring was designed to confuse and doesn't always match the shop manual. However, if you can find an Alfa mechanic worth his/her salt, this is the car that will make you smile.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Unique. High mounted shifter is like no other car, ever, but perfectly placed.  Sounds incredible. Rear wheel drive, like any real roadster. Common response to folks who haven't seen one -- No, it's not a Ferrari, it's an Alfa Romeo.  But thanks for asking.

Cons: Typical italian car.  High strung.  Lots of maintenance.

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1990 Alfa Romeo SpiderReview
Julian writes:

Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio — Most enjoyable ride in a car. Very quick, can take any corner at any speed, and the most beautiful lines. The most fun and classic. Alfa Romeo is the most passionate car manufacturers and holds a high level of respect. Each of their cars are works of art, when treated the right way. I cannot say a favorite era in Alfa's history because they are all great, but having owned a 164L and now a Spider, I can hope to become a collector in the future. The special edition Spider, the Quadrifoglio remembers and pays hommage to past Alfas and its racing heritage.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Top down cruising at the shore at dusk

Cons: parts bills

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1990 Alfa Romeo SpiderReview
Vince writes:

Style, Style, Style - The Only Italian Virtue In This Car. —

This is a '90 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrofoglio. This is the top-of-the-line spider equipped with 15" alloys (large in those days), red interior carpet, red stitching on the leather seats and steering wheel to match, and a very stylish fibreglass hardtop with dome light and rear glass with heating elements. The convertible top was made of duck canvas (vs. vinyl). This car was style, style, style - from the classic curvy pinninfarina body design to the fit-like-gloves interior. Controls begged to be used and one couldn't help but wanted to poke at the switches once inside the car! There were even those triangular shaped windows aft of the A-pillars that could swing open to provide additional ventilation! The a/c compressor could be controlled steplessly via a turning knob around the a/c actuation button so you may control the amount of horsepower being robbed to trade for cold air. Closing the convertible top required strong abds as you only need to reach back to pull the canvas top over head to the engagement points along the top edge of the windshield. This car also had a reasonably sized trunk, but what surprised me the most was the car's ability to accommodate a third passenger in that space behind the front seats! Sounded like a chick car - not, at least all pre '92 cars had only manual steering making manauvre in tight parking spot quite an effort. The engine was of the classical DOHC design with a one step variocam to improve driveability. The engine was not responsive in any rpm range and sounded rather agricultural, it had no place in a sport car this gorgeous. The rear suspension was also derived from its predecessor ('70s) where the live axle was located by a pair of rectangular shaped springs on either ends with their travels limited by nylon straps! Needless to say, the ride was truck like at best and very jittery at speed. This was a very involving car to drive, especially on bumpy surfaces where bump steer was very apparent. Coupled with the unresponsive engine, there was nothing to like about its way of going about being a sport car as there were no rewards with all the efforts you put into it, very frustrating indeed! The build quality of the spider was poor - swirl marks all over the paint, even body adhesive was noticeable in some places. The pleasing concaving/convexing body panels were gorgeous at a distance, but very wavy when examined closely. The chrome trims throughout the vehicle had subtle defects such as uneven anodizing as if they were weathered. Try drive throught a car wash and you learnt very quickly you would need 2 bath size towels, one in each hand to keep water spray to a minimum inside! That was not all, the battery exploded, the master brake cylinder seal ring leaked, and the exhaust manifold cracked! I would wear italian designed clothes anytime, but the car they built, never again! To be fair, I made many memorable long trips in this car, it was almost as special as the companions who tacked along.

Pros: Cute, cute, cute.  

Cons: Never an italian car again.  

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Displaying all 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider reviews reviews.

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