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Blurry writes:

Older Cars Can Still Hold Value With Consumers — I love this car. Scored it for 500 bucks. Right on time for the gas hike.Parked my deisel, then sold it. Clutch still good, needs some attention to front right cv joint or something,not sure. No play in steering,23+ mpg with little to no service. I might change the fuel filter,cheap parts;so far. Stick pops out of first if my hand is not on it, I don't know what causes it. Original paint still good. Body prety dang straight. Interior pleasant for its age. Driver seat bolt fell out, easy fix. Needs a new muffler soon, driverside passenger door handle broke, still works when you put pressure on the door when you open it. I really enjoy driving the stanza. It is only my second small car. I concider it my first after owning a Kia Sophia. Im so glad that guy crossed three lanes of traffic before totaling it out. Thank God nobody was seriously injured, but I hated that car.

Pros: still looks clean and runs strong 185k

Cons: minor attention to minor prospected trouble

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