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1988 Audi 5000Review
Lnny writes:
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The Tragedy And Comedy Of Audi 5000 —

When my dad one day came home with the 1988 Audi 5000 Quattro, little did he know he just instantly upgraded our standing with keeping up with the Joneses (at least back in the late 80's). Now, in the inner city, all kids said all kinds of cool stuff like, "Fresh" and "Audi 5000". Today, the Audi 5000 looks like a piece of crap but in those days all the cool kids said "Bye, I'm Audi [5000]" slang for 'see you later'. For a young guy like me, it was as close to owning a Mercedes Benz as we would get. It was tan, it was fast, it was a huge tan box! One day, I was looking forward to what would be the biggest date in my life with a girl I had just met. The Audi was perfect for a stupid, naive guy to impress on a beautiful girl. But that same day, my dad had grounded me. So when he fell asleep, I snuck out and took the Audi 5000. This vehicle model was notorious for having a bad transmission recall. It was known to drive on its own in NEUTRAL--scary! Of all nights, the transmission started to fail on me. The known work-around was to put it in neutral and rev the acceleration for 5-10 minutes. So I pick her up and we meet up with some friends at a party in DC. It was snowing and cold. But another thing about this car, if you turn on the defrost sometimes, it will emit a visible smoke that smelled like maple syrup and the transmission would stick. So I asked my date if she didn't mind if we not use the heat. After a night of all of us dancing, we worked up a good sweat and body heat. Once we get back to the car, I asked my friends to follow my Audi 5000 out of DC. So 4 cars are following me. Gradually, the windows in the Audi are fogging up from our perspiration. I could not see where I was going, wiping the inside windshield every fricken 3 seconds. My date constantly asking why we just can't turn on the heat. She's in a skirt and says her nose is ice cold. So she turns on the heat, the maple syrup fumes waft out the vents and vehicle transmission gets stuck. I'm getting stressed because I don't have vehicle registration. After a few minutes, my pissed off friends come up to the car, knocks on the window and asks if we had stopped to have a steamy make out session or something because the windows were sauna steamy. I asked my long time high school friend if he could drive her home. Yea, because of the Audi 5000 Quattro, they started going out a little thereafter. Damn you Audi 5000! To make matters worse, when I got home sure enough, my dad was waiting for me. and that is all, until next time, I'm Audi...5000!

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Back in the late 1980's, this vehicle was considered cool
Quattro version had power and pep
lots of space

Cons: boxy
defrost system
coolant problems

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1988 Audi 5000Review
Kent writes:

Audi 1988 5000 Turbo Quattro — Loved this car. One of Audi's great ones. A classic sleeper. Bought it with 60k miles did lots of repairs to keep her going (see below). Powertrain-2.2L Turbo Quattro with 5spd. Had trouble in the end with either a warped or cracked head-I never pulled the head to see. Body-Audi did great with galvanized steel, so no rust here. Audi Pearl, black suade leather combo can't be beat. Winter pkg (heatd seats, ski bag) Costs-Not easy to fix, very little room in engine bay. Replaced suspension, radiator, brake and clutch master cyl, brakes and brake lines. Indeed it was a labor of love.

Pros: Amazing speed, awesome turbo with lots of luxury, very advancd even for older model

Cons: Tough to work on, high repair bills.

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1988 Audi 5000Review
Julian203 writes:

I-5 Turbocharged 2.22 L Quattro With 263 Hp — sweet car with classic boxy body style (type 44) with new third muffler, power everything, sun roof, all heated seats and mirrors, no rust, faster than you think, champagne metallic paint, two-tone leather and suede seats and chrome zipper covers on headrests, 5-speed manual, 10 speaker soundsystem and Audi Duo Sound system on back deck (2 headphone jacks and switch to shut off back speakers...)

Pros: everything but the cons

Cons: better be a mechanical engineer technologist to own this ride because you find yourself fixing minor annoying, non-threatening problems just for the piece of mind.

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