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1986 Audi 5000 S Wagon FWDReview
bobby49wsn writes:
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86 5000 Wagon/89 Sedan — 89 had defroster problems. The 89 sedan wasn't as fast as the 86 wagon. I wish I had never sold it. Both were road worthy. 25 gallon in a tank at 23 mpg took me to NC, fill up, and back, when gas was a dollar.

Pros: ...Slightly more than not. I bought a 2nd-hand Audi 86 5000 wagon from a Canadian. I had to install mission controls. This cut down gas mileage from  28 to 30 highway to 23. My 89 proved to so so!

Cons: My 89 had no defrost after 200,000 miles. You know what it's like to have no defrosters. You know what it's like to have no defrosters, in the winter time?

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1986 Audi 5000Review
Tyler writes:

The Only Thing That Would Make This Car Better Is If It Was A Cs Quattro. — Best car I have ever owned. It's got the classic European 80's car styling and great performance and gas milage with it's 5 cylinder engine. For a base model of a car this is a great car and well worth the money if you can find a good condition car.

Pros: It's an Audi. Enough said right there.

Cons: Some repair parts are getting difficult to find.

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1986 Audi 5000Review
Jacqueline writes:

Best Audi For Years 1985-1995 — Best car I have ever owned. 5 cylinders of raw power that drove so smoothly you did not realize how fast you were going. Built to last and for safety as I should know it saved my life when another car T-boned me doing 40 miles an hour and I suffered only a torn rotator cuff and the under carriage was only slightly bent. It was fire engine red with black trim and grey interior. The car had plenty of interior room and the seats were extremely comfortable for both short and long haul trips. Basic mechanics could be done yourself while others need to be done by the garage due to complexity and computer issues. Would buy one again if given the chance

Pros: Comfort and shape

Cons: A bit thirsty on petrol

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1986 Audi 5000Review
Tylan writes:

Good German Engineering. — the car was a very nice family sedan bac in the day. the 5 cyl engine was strong and usually didnt have ne problems. parts wer expensive due to the car being an import but it also had sum pretty neat features for an 86' like fro example the sun roof...heated seats...adjustable seats...a rear armrest that wen folded down u could open a small hatch and gain access to the trunk compartment for hauling ski's for example. the car held together fairly well especially after the years of in town and highway driving it endured.

Pros: Import german styling. more then enough room for 4 ppl plus driver.

Cons: expensive parts.

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Displaying all 1986 Audi 5000 reviews reviews.

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