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1985 Buick RivieraReview
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A Fun Ride — The carbureted V8 (307 c.i.) is adequate at best. The car is underpowered. It did cost me an arm & a leg to get the car to pass the emissions test! It is a good car for long trips, as it is very comfortable in terms of both ride and seats. Trunk space is adequate, but not as large as one might suspect, given the size of the vehicle.

Pros: Nice styling lines.  A plush interior.  Comfy.

Cons: Small engine

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1985 Buick RivieraReview

2nd One, Glad To Have My Favorite Car From My Youth Again! — Classy & comfortable. They don't make them like that anymore, When I drive mine on the highway I imagine how many cars of today will last as long. Gas MPG is ok because is isn't used all the time. The original laquer paint shines as new. The outside dimensions are in line with current cars but it has old car features; glass headlights, chrome bumpers, interior colors no longer avail, plush velvet seats & door panels, 1/2 vinyl roofs and wire wheels.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: style, line, chrome, ride, quietness

Cons: 25 years old & still considered late model?

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1985 Buick RivieraReview

Reliable, Safe, And Fun For A Teenager — Got the car for free but it needed some work - about 450 dollars worth. Drove the car for a few years and the only problem was a bad battery cable and the exhaust rotted and fell off.

Pros: Reliable, Safe, Lots of room, Comfortable, lots of fun, surprising gas mileage from the V8

Cons: RUST! These tend to rust in typical GM places as well as the frame behind the rear wheels. Also, it was front wheel drive which made transmission work expensive.

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1985 Buick Riviera Convertible RWD Review
Of all the cars Ive owned this ones my favorite. With the GS suspension it rides a little stiff, but maintains surprisingly wonderful control at higher speeds on windy roads, especially for a boat. Riding in a full size convertible with the top down is a beautiful experience. Performance isnt too bad for what youre driving. Its almost a four thousand pound cat with a 307. It gets about 13 mpg around town and 23 on the highway. You wont take any hot rodders off the line, but if you pay attention to whats going on around you, she has the get up and go to keep aggressive drivers from being able to cut you off. The little V-8 purrs and growls as beautifully as her bigger 403 brother. And the old Oldsmobile V8s will never let you down if you take care of them. Ive had this 33 year old car for four years. It starts up every time an runs like a champ. The only things Ive done for the engine are replace (all ) the vacuum hoses, the starter, low beam head lights, and change the oil. Parts are cheap and easy to get. They are usually in stock at your local Walmart or chain auto store.
vs1978 Buick Riviera
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Front Seats Ranked 1978 Buick Riviera better.
"The front seats give you all of the room and plush comfort you expect from an older Buick luxury liner. "
Family Car Ranked 1978 Buick Riviera better.
"The rear seating will comfortably accommodate even your tallest friends. "
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Displaying all 4 1985 Buick Riviera reviews.

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