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1984 Buick ElectraReview
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The Last Of The Rwd Line: 1984 Buick Electra Park Avenue — The pros and cons pretty much sum it up. It's a good older car that gets about the same MPG as a modern pick-up and is much nicer to drive on long trips with the added panache of the ancient body style plus it fits my large and bulky body. You'll always be able to find your car in the parking lot!

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Wonderful seating front and rear because of the additional wheelbase of the Park Ave. option for this year (last). The 307 Olds/200r-4 powertrain is hard to beat. Lightly loaded, it gets almost 22MPG on today's gasoline @ freeway speeds and handles well for it's size with the addition of a large B-body rear sway bar and the SW size brakes. It has a wonderful carrying capacity with the self leveling rear suspension and the "Concert Sound" option is pretty good for a stock system. The previous owners had the sealed beam headlamps wired so both go on as high beams instead of just the inside pair. It came to me used w/Michelin Tires and they're a good match for the car.

Cons: Like many others, this model year was subject to a sagging headliner. The body leaked on the passenger side until I found the cause: the factory vent plugged in the air box and sent water onto the passenger side floor. The vinyl covered roof makes for a quiet ride but won't last as long as paint. The Buick system for securing the wire hub caps isn't as good as Oldsmobile"s so they squeak and require removal and adjustment at least once a year. The Buick intermittent WS wiper system parks the arms between swipes so it's a noisy system compared to Chevy and Olds though it seems to be reliable. The low fluid alert light for the washer cracks me up. I wish they'd put a better quality carpet in these cars.

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1984 Buick ElectraReview

It's A Good Demo Derby Car, That's About It — Huge car + 307 Olds engine = poor acceleration. Took effort to churn tires on tar. The tie rod on my specific car was far out of alignment, so it handled like crap, pulled to the right hard. Brakes were excellent, good as the day it left the showroom (or back lot)l. Car was pretty tough, it hit a truck before I bought it. Running belt squealed like a stuck pig. I think the front fascia was ugly, loved the rims, loved the interior and the "wagon shape," the tailgate+taillights looked like a brick wall (ugly). Gas mileage must have been horrendous IDK, didn't keep track. All V8s are somewhat fun to drive, but this was the most boring one I've driven.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Bring your whole 8 person family! Take a hit without ruining your trip.

Cons: Big, slow, ugly, squeaks alot

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1984 Buick ElectraReview

A Classic — This car was a BOAT!! Very reliable and strong motor. The car survived quite an impact with only cosmetic damage. You could have thrown bricks at this car all day and only put minor scratches on her. she was built like an ox! Very comfortable too. However it seemed like the car was to heavy for a 5.0L maybe GM should've dropped in a 350 for better get up and MPG.

Pros: Comfy, Gorgeous, SOLID build quality

Cons: poor mpg but she was carb'd

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1984 Buick ElectraReview

Great Old Car!!!!!! — I love the car its VERY comfortable, and very reto-designed. the car is 24 yrs old and still runs great for 147K miles. had some power steering problems but other than that its a solid old car and gets very descent gas mileage for a 307 5.0L V8 with a 4-BBl carb! The car is very large but gets around great.

Pros: very comfortable, descent gas mileage for an old V8, solid construstion

Cons: hard to maneuver when reversing at times due to size, electrical system seems to have a few gremlins

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Displaying all 4 1984 Buick Electra reviews.

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