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benspaul writes:
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Suzanne, I Think. — The Fiat Spider 2000/124 Spider was one of the top three most successful sports cars ever made. (MGB being another, then maybe the Corvette.) Comfortable and roomy seats, a smooth shifting 5sp, a Black and Tan classic. Still, this car should only be a daily driver in the Summer in Seattle. Parts are easy to come by from places like International Auto Parts or Fiat Plus. I used Mahle pistons for the rebuild. They are the best. It ups the compression from 8.5 to 1, to about 10.5 to 1. The increase in power is quite evident even though I'm still breaking in the engine and haven't taken it over 3500 rpm. I'm rebuilding the front brake calipers and replacing the flex hoses now. Not a difficult job on this car. Four wheel disc brakes makes it a good stopper.

Pros: It's a Pinninfarina Spider 2000 with 31,000 miles on it. You get to put the top down even in Seattle.

Cons: It's an old Fiat. How a company could nitride their crankshafts and not properly rust proof the body is beyond comprehension.

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Have you driven a 1982 FIAT 124 Spider?