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1982 Chevrolet ChevetteReview
Stephen writes:

My Friends Have Called It The "contraceptive Car", But Females Think It's Super Cute! — This car has a unique charm. My other car is fast, handles well and has a comfy ride, but somehow I don't care when I'm driving my lil' 'vette

Pros: Isuzu Diesel, 40 MPG, won't get speeding tickets, small car, easy to park, 4-door, lot's of cargo room, great sound system, comfy seat, cheap car!

Cons: Diesel is expensive, not too much passenger room, no cup holders, few creature comforts, hard to start when cold if not plugged in (block heater), harsh ride, handling?,  breaks take some getting use to, parts can be hard to find (so I have to make them)

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1982 Chevrolet ChevetteReview
Jon writes:

This Ugly Black Chevette — was a winter beater for me I bought for $200 I beat on that car hard for the year and a half I owned it till it was ready for the scrap yard. I had this car air borne and upon landing I broke all 4 coil springs after which it looked like a low rider lol it was full of dents scratches but it did have character.

Pros: good on gas, cheap parts

Cons: looked bad, no respect

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Displaying all 1982 Chevrolet Chevette reviews reviews.

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Cost Effective By markkusbrown

This is a car that is good on gas. It needs repairs, but besides that it'll get you to where you need to go. This car is fun to drive and is rare. Not many people drive an 80s car nowadays. Read More

Best Hundred Bucks I Ever Spent! By Brett

What I like: I got into 3 minor accidents. No marks at all, a dent in my door even buffed itself out. Car is cheap to fix! Good gas mileage ;) Things I don't like: Ran pretty well minus the brakes un... Read More

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Chove-it By Bob

Performance - manual breaks, manual steering, am radio. Build Quality - a tank Appearance - lol but practical, 4 dr hatch Cost of Ownership - I could get any part for $20, did matter what it was. Fun ... Read More

Chevette 1986 Alchool By Marcelo140

Just an ordinary primitive car, nothing fun, just an ugly car. I hated it, was ugly, old conservative design, and the worst of all : carburetor/alchool fuelled , an archaic combination leading to fr... Read More

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Good Little Car By Hugo

Despite being an old car, I use it as a daily driver. It turns heads, not always for the good reasons! It's quite cheap, cheaply made and has absolutely no power, but it always starts, even in cold we... Read More

Excellent Beater!! By Joel

"The beauty" By far the most reliable of every car i've ever owned, called the beauty in sarcasm because of its instant ability to turn womans heads and look at it in an erotic way!!! My first car e... Read More

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Good Bang For The Buck By Tonee

Performance -was okay for a 4 cylinder it had the tendency to hydroplane in really bad rain The build was cheap but it was cheap to maintain and to drive. For a student it was a good ride to have Read More

Its Fun!!!, By Mick

Blast to drive, handles great, Not bad on premium, makes people look twice, and weighs 1900 lbs so if you cant paralell park, you can just pick the back end up and move it yourself.. Read More

1983 Chevrolet Chevette Reviews

Chevette By James

Old Reliable. Owned it for 3 years and enjoyed every bit of ownership. 5 Speed Scooter - Rare find! I wish I had it back. A 2.4 EchoTec Turbo swap would make for a FUN little ride. I loved the RW... Read More

Ugly Rwd 2 Door By Chris

Small, very crammed interior plagued by rusty floorboards and an extremely underpowered engine. Read More

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