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1980 Datsun 210Review
Racer_X writes:
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No Car Payments For A Fresh Out Of College Grad = Win-win Scenario :) — It's was FREE (Gift from Dad after graduating college), Reliable, good on gas, decent cargo capacity with hatchback, never rusted while I owned her. Built like a tank (looked like one too). They don't build them like this anymore...Thank God...LOL!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: It's was FREE (Gift from Dad after graduating college), Reliable, good on gas, decent cargo capacity with hatchback, never rusted while I owned her. Built like a tank (looked like one too).

Cons: Truck like loong shift throws from the Manual Trans, Weak Engine, Slooow Accerelation, So-so front seats, Odd and Boring design.

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1980 Datsun 210Review
Daniel writes:

Nissan - Enjoy The Ride...for 30 Years Or More. —

There's no such thing as a 1980 B210. The "gurus" at CarIQ should know better. For 1979 and later it's just "210". My parents bought this one brand new in 1980. I've owned it for the last 9 years. It's cheap to maintain because you can hardly find parts for it any more. Can't spend money on something that's not for sale! It gets good gas mileage unless the brakes are dragging, or you haven't checked the tire pressure for a couple of years (been there, done that...). I drive it about once a week, but I might drive it more now that the weather is getting cooler. The air conditioner hasn't worked since about 1985, and that makes a big difference in Florida. I think it's fun to drive, because it feels like a big go-kart (with a license plate). When I have to work on something, it's usually pretty easy. It's also put together really well for being made so long ago. A friend told me she was in a Datsun 210 when it was hit in the side (by a big, goofy Mustang) and bent into a banana shape. She said everyone in the Datsun walked away, and the guy who hit them had to go to the hospital. Could it be the Japanese had thought about crumple zones and energy-absorbing structures long before anyone thought to advertise it? Since my Datsun was made, Nissan started a fetish for plastic. Plastic fender liners that don't hold their shape, and plastic fasteners that fall out and have to be replaced every few years. No substitute for the Datsun being welded and bolted together. Would I recommend this car to a friend? No, but I'd recommend they tell me if they saw one for sale. I want it! The CarIQ people didn't give me a choice of a third car I currently own. So, you don't get to read about my Evo X here. :-P

Pros: It has been a constant in my life, and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when I drive it.

Cons: It sucks to have to track down replacement parts.  They're harder and harder to find, partly because these cars don't need parts very often...Therefore, nobody keeps them in stock.

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1980 Datsun 210Review
Brett writes:

Slow, Ugly, And Perfect. — This was my first car, and it served me superbly in that capacity. It could never be broken, despite the abuse heaped on it by both my brother and me, so the quality of the powertrain was fantastic. It felt like a tin can, however, and had only a so-so suspension. It cost almost nothing to maintain, and never needed repairs for the time I owned it. The mileage was quite good, but unfortunately, it was not very fun to drive. In short, just about the perfect car to keep a teenager out of trouble, and keep itself on the road. I'd recommend it to anyone in the same situation, but I guess they're getting tough to find.

Pros: Couldn't break the darn thing.  Just ran and ran.

Cons: Slowest. Car. I've. Owned.

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Displaying all 1980 Datsun 210 reviews reviews.

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