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Victor writes:

1978 Ford Ranchero — This 300hp, 6025lb's, Ranchero truly stands out from the crowd. With all the curves in the body and just the stance of the car makes it look mean behind it. This car is NOT a fast car if you were to put it up to a true muscle car, a Honda it can handle. This beast gets 7 mpg around town and 16-17 mpg on high way. I just recently had to replace the original ball joints on it. parts are not really costly it's finding them is the hard part. It's really fun in the snow, rain, ice, and I've run over some old mail boxes and didn't even feel them (long story) This car/truck or catruck is fun smooth and sounds bad ass with my 40 sires flowmasters is a real head turner.

Pros: smooth, big(tank), rare

Cons: slow and horrble gas milleage

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Gramps Ride! By harleyguy

Ranchero 500 - This was my grandfathers car from new, I'm the 2nd owner. Car is all original accept for a few minor changes, ie; wheels, tires, shocks and exhaust. Mileage is only 61K. Spent most of ... Read More

Jimmys Cherro By Jeremie

This car is a tank. I love the way the roof is so low on these things. I have a pair of fuzzy dice hanging on the mirror and they touch the dash thats how short the roof is.The preformance is not that... Read More

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Fantastic Car, No Complaints Other Then Fuel Milage At 8mpg By Ben

53,493 miles on a 31 year old car, thats pretty good. Runs great, never had any trouble with it, very dependable. Love to drive it as it does have a good amount of horsepower for a stock car. Read More

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Land Yacht By Dan

Engine had over 200k miles when purchased. 7.5L, 460ci bored to 472ci. Gas guzzler. 7mpg. The carb flooded with fuel almost every time I tried to start it. It was more problems than it was worth. Read More

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Great Utility Vehicle For Everyday Use By timo826

Having had 3 Rancheros before I really like the smooth ride and the reliability of the Ford 351 Cleveland engines. Full size bed carries anything you can want. Luckily this was an Oregon car for many ... Read More

The Best Thing Ever By Neal

i have owned it for two years and i am so glade i bought it cuz it is a blast to drive Read More

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Great First Car, Just Got A Little Spendy To Drive With My Budget. By Nate

This is a hardy little car that does great. very powerful and fun to drive. seats are very comfortable. It has the best of both worlds with the bed and power of a pickup and clearance and driving feel... Read More

Hefty Hefty Hefty By TheColossal

new front and rear brakes new rear brake lines new distributor cap new distributor rotor new spark plugs new spark plug wires new valve cover gaskets new fuel filter new oil filter new rear shocks new... Read More

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