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1964 Chrysler New Yorker Review
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Cool '64 New Yorker Salon — I was in college when I drove this car. It rarely broke down (except for a transmission rebuild when I first got it). Lots of power and I could pile 7 people in the car 3 in front and 4 in back - tight, but doable. I once pushed it to 130 mph and she did it without complaints. My car had faded gold paint and a black vinyl roof that was just on the top, not on the C pillars. I love the personality of my car. I once got in a street race with a 1972 Pontiac GTO with a 400 V-8. I kept a nose ahead the entire race, until we had to slow down (a cop a block ahead at the light). The GTO slowed down much better than my boat, but the most important thing is that we beat a GTO! I did sell her after I got my hot rod Camaro. I miss my Chrysler New Yorker Salon!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Oddball styling got looks.  Lots of Hp and Torque - 15.1 qtr mile runs on bias ply street tires straight from the factory.  Great personality - Chrome everywhere, push button transmission, oddball vinyl top (only over the roof, not on the c-pillars), huge windshield, more chrome inside, reverb speaker in rear deck, vacuum power door locks, etc.  A very cool car that was built well and easy to maintain.

Cons: Handled horribly!  Brakes didn't stop car well.  Sloppy steering (tons of play), Rusted very easily.  Part hard to find.

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1964 Chrysler New Yorker Review

Rolling Piece Of History. Last Of The Full Size Push-button Transmissions Makes It Cool — The Boat was a fun car. Big and heavy and powerful. Yet probably not as fast as any modern car. But it could tow a boat! And it was one too! The color was cool. Almost black, it was on the slightly purple side of dark dark blue. Very regal. Great handling for a big car, thanks to the torsion suspension. And with a square steering wheel and a push-button transmission selector (up on the left hand side of the dash) it was a rolling conversation piece. And did I mention it was like driving your living room? The steering was so light and the car was so heavy that you could get the car to oscillate left and right down the road such that the steering wheel would actually be moving counter to the hood! But a small child could parallel park it. It's probably sitting in a garage somewhere.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: For the big ride and mad pulling power

Cons: Trim is cheap and gas is expensive

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1964 Chrysler New Yorker Review

Living Room On Wheels... — I bought this particular New Yorker in 2003 sight unseen from an ad on eBay and had it shipped cross country to NY from CA. I always liked this under appreciated body style. Luxury that would rival even today's brands. Power everything, tilt wheel, factory A/C, power seats - and it all worked! Performance - 413 Wedge with a 4bbl carb, dual exhaust & pushbutton 3 spd TorqueFlite. it wauld pass everything except gas stations, but stopped on a dime with large drum brakes at all 4 corners. She drove as if you were driving your living room down the road while sitting on the couch. Turning was like navigating a supertanker. All moves must be plotted carefully.

Pros: 413 Wedge - 360 HP/470 ft lb torque that would push you back in the seat at the mere push on the accelerator pedal. Luxury amenities rivaling today's autos. A great boulevard cruiser. The odds of seeing another one on the road are extremely low.  

Cons: Gas mileage. Scarcity of body & trim parts.

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1964 Chrysler New Yorker Review

Like Driving A Waterbed — ok, I have owned and drive plenty of Lincolns and Cadillacs, but this was the smoothest car I have ever been in. It had absolutley no road feel AT ALL. If was like being in a space ship, no bumps, no resistance on the sterring wheel, none. It was almost scary to drive because it is so uncommunicative you have no idea what the car is doing. An experience though. I'd love to drive one agian.

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Displaying all 4 1964 Chrysler New Yorker reviews.

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