2009 Jeep G. Cherokee will not start


Asked by ktmkaboom Jun 19, 2012 at 07:57 PM about the 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Car has power all accessories functioning, but doesn't start. Turn key & nothing happens (doesn't turn
over at all). Happened several times in past few days but keep turning key & would start after several
tries. I thought it was a key problem, however it won't start with any of the key now.

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Tom Demyan

It's possible the ignition cylinder or ignition switch is bad.

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Thanks Tom. I started car today & no problem. However, in the past week, I've turned the key once or twice & get nothing. The 3rd or 4th time it works like a charm. It's hit or miss, sometimes it works perfect, sometimes after several tries, and yesterday not at all. Do you still suspect the cylinder or switch?

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Also you could clean the battery clamps and posts, if you haven't done so.

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Thanks Tony. I did that. Car is working OK last few days, but have no faith in it.

Mike Kirk

when you try turning the car and it doesn't start, listen for a click and see if any electric dash lights/digital clocks or courtesy lights dim.... if you hear a click it could be the starter motor (especially if the lights dim too), if you hear no click but the lights dim its more likely to be the coil or dodgy battery connection/earthing if neither happens its more likely the ignition barrel/wiring itself this is not foolproof but may getting you looking in the right place

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Had the exact same problem. Replaced the starter and it started up right away twice on the third try nothing. So now I have no clue what the problem is!

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My 2009 Cherokee just did exactly the same today as op... wouldn't start(no crank) with key, also tried factory remote start still no crank, called tow truck and tried one last time before towing then it cranked and started... have feeling is module or relay, please post if you've solved this problem.

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wireless control module locking up...there is TSB's abt this.

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Ours does that too. We replaced the battery twice, starter twice and now I'm wondering if it's the transmission range sensor.

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My non crank issue was a poor connection at the starter motor on the solenoid wire. The connection used is a female spade terminal like you would find used for car speakers. Most cars use an eyelet connector and it's bolted to solenoid..... When I went under the vehicle and grabbed the wire at the solenoid you could easily wiggle it at the connection, I unplugged (practically fell off) the female spade terminal and pinched it so it would be tight fit on the male terminal. That was months ago and it's been fine.

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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Not Starting. Possible solution. Yesterday, my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee started for 2 seconds then the engine shut off. Did this three times then nothing. Turn the key all the lights came on but turning the key produced nothing. Had power to all electronic components inside. Saw people here with same issue and tried some suggestions. After disconnecting the battery and letting it sit, nothing. Tried starting it in neutral, nothing. Rocking it to make sure it was in Park, nothing. Tow truck driver came and said he had dealt with this before. It was the key. The car was not accepting it as a proper key and had shut down as part of the alarm system. Went home and got the other key and it started right up. Turned it off later and tried the other key, nothing. 2nd key it starts fine. If you have this issue does round red alarm light on the dash lite up when you turn the key ? A test to see if it's the key (ALARM SOUNDS DURING TEST) is to push the doors lock to set the alarm, unlock the drivers door from the outside manually using the key (not the electronic button on the key) the alarm should go off. Put the key in the ignition and turn. If the alarm does not stop you probably have a malfunctioning key. Pop the hood and disconnect the battery to shut the alarm off. Hope this helps.

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Great info,i called jeep dealer;one meechanic said ifalarm Stays on,malfunction to put charger on,with key on'forward,for halfhour,this may reset alarm


Mad Mad Mudder this sounds identical to what just happened to me 2007 grand cherokee i had to leave the car parked cause didn't turn on at all thanks gonna try that.


I had the same issue 2005 jeep Cherokee would not start had power to everything. Cycled the key 10 times or so and it would start until today nothing. I Looked at everything, the key, the start relay, battery start motor here is what I found. There is a yellow wire that goes to the starter motor I wiggled it back and forth for a few minutes and it started right up. So the issue is the connection between the clip and the starter motor gets corrosion on. Clean that connection and you should be fine

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There is a yellow wire going to the starter. This wire needs to be removed and cleaned really well placed back on the starter and your jeep will start.

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Same thing is going on with mine. Had AAA jump in and it started in N. Took is to dealer to have them look it over and they had no idea what the problem was. They sent me on my way with no answers. Wouldn't start again after about 3 weeks of starting every time. Let is sit for the weekend and it started right up using the factory remote starter. I haven't tried the key yet. Can someone please tell me what is going on because I'm getting nothing from the dealer.

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I have a 2007 Jeep Cherokee, and last night 8/15/15 after turning the jeep of and on all day, it decided that at 9 pm it wasn't going to start. I tried everything on here that everyone said to try. And nothing worked. A friend recommended me try changing out the battery on the key phob. As soon as I tried it, bam it started.. just wanted to let everyone now to try this too

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Charlene Casucci

There Is an ignition recall on the jeeps i cannot recall what year, but I am having the same issue, it sits in the hot sun, no start after it has been running. Mechanic said might be the wires around the starter or loose, corroded, especially if you're in new England, they are exposed to the elements and this is very common. He also said he has had issues with it being the ignition, there may come a lawsuit, Chrysler is very slow to produce the parts


This always just happened to my 09 Laredo. Put key in turn it and get absolutely nothing. No noises or anything. All lights work just the same. Don't dim or anything but the check engine light just flashes whenever I try to start it. Please someone help me!! Don't want to leave it in a walmart parking lot any longer than I need to

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Charlene Casucci

Mad Mad Mudder, how do you test the key? Thanks!

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Same thing has been happening with my 4WD 08 grand cherokee off/on since i got it 2years ago. The dashlights and all power will work but the engine wont even begin to turn over. The first time it happened was while i was out of town, making everything more difficult. Dropped a friend off at work, went back to her apartment and less than an hour later it wouldnt start. Tow truck guy came and said he had seen this before, he crawled underneath smacked something with a wrench(i think the starter) and it cranked right up. He said corrosion problems with these jeeps was common but i had it towed to a shop anyways(could not afford to have this happen somewhere like a gas station off the highway). They couldnt find anything wrong. After happening again at random times over the months I initially had the starter replaced but after this most recent incident the difference was the key. I moved the jeep 7 spaces down in my apartment parking lot to the shade so i could load my bike on the rack. About 25 minutes later i was ready to go but no start, everything was standard shiesty procedure except when i would put the key into the ignition-DAMAGED KEY would very briefly pop up on the dash screen & it never came back to life later like it had previously. Its been at the dealership for 2 weeks now, waiting on a Wireless Control Module for a Chrysler recall on 2008 grand cherokee ignition switches(code P57 i think) because the part is supposedly "on back order in all of north america". Really glad someone mentioned a law suit because this has apparently been happening to those cars since their first year. How is it that there is just now a recall going through for issues that have been consistently going on for 7+ years? Especially considering(myself included) all of the instances where the car starts normally, is driven a short distance and then won't start minutes later. I have seen this multiple times on forums around the net its potentially dangerous, who knows where youre going to be when these things decide to happen?? With the WCM messing up due to electrostatic interference or whatever-DUMB stop trying to take american cars and make them hi-tech computer reliant mistakes. I got a jeep for the ease of repair, mild reliability, and less expensive parts for when things like this happen. Not only can the car companies clearly not keep up with their own manufacturing mishaps, but they are complicating their vehicles to the point where they break down from a entirely new group of issues. Mechanics have no idea what theyre doing because neither do the manufacturers. Thats why people get new starters, starter relays, retention clips, car batteries, PCM's, WCM's, key fobs and STILL have the same issues come up weeks later

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I know this is situational but I live in memphis, TN. In the past, Memphis has been known for having some of the highest crime rates, poorest zip codes, and most densely populated unemployed areas in the US. With that being said, if you live here its kind of understood that you dont go too far north or south of the main street/highway which runs east-to- west through the city, unless you know exactly where youre going...needless to say this is not a place where im comfortable having a car that pretty much decides to work when it wants, but will basically break down when you least expect it with no warning. The worst part is that after all the money, time wasted, and the 2 weeks ive been hobbling around without a car(not helping my job) i STILL have zero idea as to what is actually wrong with my jeep. Im pretty much expecting to get it back and have this issue reoccur again a week later PS-if anyone has some kind of info about loosening the front drive shaft to gain access to the starter it would be super helpful in cleaning the solenoid wires, the corrosion and "arcing" in the retention clips/plugs around it seems to be a problem for a lot of people


Issue: 2009 Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.7 V6 won't start, everything else works including door locks. --I have researched this issue over the internet. 1.Battery (New) 2. Key Fob Batteries( new) 3. Starter tested ok 4. Starter Relay ( new) This issue occurs randomly. SOLUTION: JEEP DEARSHIP suggested Could be the Starter. It is very hard to diagnose failing starter, Got new Starter original mopar part $580 including labour. Never had issue after starter replacement. Hope this helps anyone!

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