what problem does a Audi q7 have because its not a typical Honda where you know your car is going to run basically for life. Iam interested in a one with 70000..... Miles how long will the car go without any issues and is it smart to purchase the vechicle....I really like it on the other hand..


Asked by goldie8191 Oct 08, 2012 at 12:47 AM about the 2008 Audi Q7 4.2 Quattro Premium

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Audi's are able to able to run as long as any Honda's if cared for correctly. What Audi's main issues usually come from some electric component of the car. Lights, fluid leaks (due to cooling system material degrading over time) and ignition usually come to the forefront in their issues. If you are looking at the Q7 with 70k miles, you may want to have the timing belt checked. The car at this mileage is just out of the manufacturer's warranty period and the timing belt and water pump would be the next scheduled maintenance for this vehicle. So you should be assured that mechanically the car is outstanding and will run for a long time so long as you can deal with non-working tail-lights and small electronic issues with the MMI (Audi's car interface such as Nav,radio controls). I am not saying that this is what will go wrong, these having a higher % of failing first if there is any issues.

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To my opnion, I have and Audi Q7 with 72k miles on it. No problem so far. everything if taken care and in time ( like maintenance) then you might see it running more than Honda's and toyota's. Always look for dealer service and they might have good offer on oil change. so far i have always got lucky. Audi also changes bulbs (except HID head bulb) for free. I have experienced it twice and no Charge, Even the bulb is free! Overall, Had a very satisfying experience with Audi and with Q7. Periodically check panorama roof for leaks or water clogging. Mostly all major problem starts from there.

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Audi Q7 Brakes to Discs pad to change are quite expensive I had a quote of AUS $ 4750.00 Did it myself parts only AUD $ 890.00 It took longer to jack up the car than change the disc's and pads. Now I have two Audi Q7 one 2007 V6 3.0 Diesel with 132K Klms and one 2006 with 223K Klms and it has just let a timing chain go. Slight vibration in the upper engine bay then a sudden bang in the lower engine bay. Cannot even turn engine over to remove Torque convertor bolts to have a look at the lower timing chain. So it would be interesting as the Q 7 get a bit older how many timing chains let go?

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Michael Tutty

On most engines, timing belts need doing between 80,000 and 100,000 kms (50,000 - 60,000 miles). Timing chains do not normally need replacement until VERY high mileage. However, because of the complexity of the engine, I would suggest doing it as a matter of routine every 160,000 kms, or 100,000 miles. Not cheap but less by far than having the engine smashed inside because a valve or two has hit a piston, which means a new engine. As for the electrical problems, like all new cars, the wires are of a very small gauge, so are fragile. Also, the Audi has a Bosch electrical system that in multiplexed. When it works, it works well. However, the entire thing is predicated on each component providing the correct feedback to the rest of the system. If anything electrical goes wrong, you MUST use the original Audi part. Even the same part, made by Bosch, but for another car, can give the incorrect feedback, and you will think your car is possessed.

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I have done 70,000 miles. I have had a seal need replacing and that took a couple of weeks to get repaired. I have had trims fall off/need replacing, and the heater has stopped working one. I cannot recommend an Audi due to the reliability and the after sales servise

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my 2006 3.0 TDi Q7 has now done 260,000km. I haven't had to do anything except change the oil and put tyres on it. This vehicle is definitely the best car I have ever owned and I thoroughly enjoy everything about this car. AS you can see I do alot of driving and use the car as my office,It's comfortable,economical and dependable>

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Have had a Q7 .. Have gotten it serviced right on time, oil change, etc .. Driven it across country 5 times and currently has 109,000 miles on it. Everything 'Vietle' has stated above has happened. Currently 'Check Engine' light is on and started at about 95k. Took it to dealer and they said 'Gas Cap' .. Got a new one. My personal car guy states that error related to 'Camshaft' is the issue. Comes on as soon you turn the car on after resetting. I change my brake lights due to some short every few months .. It's a bit of a nuisance but making it work. Other issue was the Nav had the entire thing replaced BUT not Audi's fault .. Could be my kids fault for spilling a little bit of soda in console area .. Per Audi? Anyways .. Love the car but check engine light has been driving me bonkers.

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Have a 2006 3.0 TDi. it now has 265,000 km on it.I have never had any problems.If you service your car it should go for ever.The problem with most European car owners is that they don't like the slightly more expensive servicing costs...so they try and get second party servicemen or do things themselves. There is a recommended service schedule for a reason!! These are not just there for the dealer to make money, it all helps protect the user..YOU....from hefty repairs. I have had Cayennes,Landcruisers,Q7's and Touaregs and have always serviced to the book and have NEVER had any problems except for the odd $5 sensor failure. I do high mileage, and drive in all terrain 4Wd in mountains with snow as well as Offroad. The vehicle is used and thrashed to the max......the key is the servicing, and we are very Lucky here in New Zealand that we have a 100% amazing Audi dealership and service centres. When I checked my oil 10,000km into a change it was still clear and not dirty. I Love My Q7,I do believe it is one of the best SUV 4WD's on the road. My recommendation is to find one that has a proper service record....ring the Dealer/servicemen and ask about it's history, and make your decision from there......If you get a good one, you'll fall in love with it....guaranteed!!

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I have a 07 Q7 4.2 that I just bought ...literally... on the way home the engine light came on and now I am faced with a 6000 dollar repair for timing chain. The dealership is playing stupid and saying that I dont have a warranty and bought the car as is, even though they took the vehicle in to be worked on 4 times now so far.As far as the brake lights issue, you cannot go to the local parts store and purchase 1157 bulbs as they are the wrong voltage and will pop just shortly after you put them in, they have to be special wattage bulbs.NAPA carries the proper ones for 2.75 dollars.

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Galvine Goneso

I have a Audi q7 , one day when I am driving going home there is an certain interference Jus come out on mi radio then suddenly the Engine stop idling ? Then I towed mi car to the Audi dealership, at first they told me tht it's intake flap motors I bought and replaced it but the car won't start ? They Jus also replaced new injectors , injector pump and fuel rails but the car won't start ? They have been jus spit it on diagnosis machine several times but there is noe Fault ? Any one can help me I need mi car

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Bill Riley

2011 q7 was driving on interstate temp gauge suddenly came on and car died. only has 51k miles serviced regularly. mechanic said engine is done needs a new one which is 18k plus labor. called audi would not do anything said warranty is up at 50k and refuse to do anything about it and were very rude. obviously would not recommend this company or anything they make

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Bought My 07 Q7 4.2 new in July of 06. Went past 200,000 this past summer, and have had no real issues and never have been stranded (keep an extra coil in the glove box... easy swap with the help of a screw driver). Buy Pirrelli Scorpion tires, an rotate every 10k, I got 40k out of the last set (coniti's and Michelin started getting noisy at 25k) , brakes have been making it 50k, and investing in front rotors (the better brand but not oem) was key to keep the warping and front vibration associated with it from happening... The only annoying thing was coffee spillage killed the MMI board located behind the gear shift (and in front of the arm rest under the nav radio controls).. but found a company on ebay (in china) that sold the boards for $125 plus sent instructions on how to remove and replace, which took all of 20 minutes to swap. The dealer wanted me to spend $1800 and replace the amp... they were not even close on the diagnostics. (*** Thanks to the Audi Forum, I found a member that pointed me towards the board***)... This SUV is a tank, the interior coachwork has been way more durable than my S8, A6 Wagon, and the handful of A4's that my family has been through. And it is the first Audi that I have had NO electro demon's, and NO cat faults.. I drive the 4.2 direct injection very hard (my son calls it the baby Bugatti)... DONT ASK ABOUT GAS MILEAGE...If you want that go elsewhere and be disappointed with acceleration... When loaded up, this 3 ton beast will go anywhere, anytime. And as with anything that has rubber tires does poorly on ICE (thats why skates do not have rubber blades!). I have been so impressed that I put 2 4.2 Q7's into my business, bought them both north of the 100,000 mile barrier, and have had the same success, and saved MEGA BUCKS off the original sticker (bought both of them for under $20 k each)! Just wish the 4.2 was still available for the Q7... guess I have to buy the R8 next...

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Warning for '07 3.6L Q7 owners: just Google "Oil pump bolt" issue on the 3.6 engine... Many engine failures due to the bolt coming loose inside the rear timing chain cover. Only way to access it is to Pull The Engine! When the bolt comes out the timing chain slips and the whole engine can be destroyed (mine was). Audi knows all about it but good luck with any help.

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