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Meghan Glaspell

Asked by Meghan May 29, 2008 at 06:56 AM about the Subaru Outback

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How good of gas mileage will a subaru outback get?

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Jasper Rosenberg

I'm getting around 18 city, and much better highway (I'd guess at least 22?) I do a lot less highway driving through. This is the V4 engine. When I was doing research for shopping, what I read had it falling just a bit worse than the Rav4 or CRV.

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Eve Pickman

I've got the 3.0L 6-cyl. and am getting about 23 mpg combined on regular. I have not run premium or even midgrade fuel since winter. I am very careful to keep my tires inflated, I took my roofrack cross bars off 'cause I don't need them, have added better (areo design) wiper blade and try to keep extra weight (junk) out of the back of the car.

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I just put a "new" motor in my 97 subaru. It is a motor from Japan with no egr input on the block. I am curious if that affects gas mileage. I am currently getting 16 in town and 18-19 on the highway. Do these Japanese motors get worse mileage?


My 2006 Outback Wagon 2.4i Limited gets between 24-25 mpg on average (city/highway). But most of the miles are highway miles.

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If you have a heavy foot and brake at the last minute you'll get lousy gas mileage, but if you drive like an old geezer like me, nice and easy you might get around 24 mpg in the city, I get this with hills aound where I live and time in the highway when we drove to Massachusets we average 27 mpg. I keep track on my mileage and the price of gas every time I fill up.

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Mark Smolarek

Yea.. I have an 05 Outback 3.0R i get about 18/21 City/HW and like all car if you use the gas less alwas get beeter gass milage

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Bob Bowlby

My '05 Outback 2.5i can get 30MPG on the highway at 65 MPH. Average is about 24 combined.

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Daniel Herrera

I have an 2000 subaru outback sedan that has 203,000 miles and I average 24 mpg...I'm not easy on the accelerator so if you are, I would expect you to get alot better than I

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Robb Woodward

My 2005 Outback XT (Turbo) gets average of 24-25MPG, but my wife has a non-turbo'd 2005 Legacy and gets 28-29MPG, and we're both pretty heavy on the peddle.

Anton Piskulyov

My Outback 2008 gets ne 20/21 mpg city and 25/26 mpg highway. I think it's a great gas milage even with AWD.

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I have a 2010 Outback. 4cyl cvy tranny. i get about 22 to 23 in the city driving around town and i get 27 to 28 on the highway. I only have 5000 miles on it so its still very new!


i meant CVT tranny. LOL


I just got a 2010 outback limited 4cyl and I love it! The gas mileage is great! For a vehicle of this size and comfort I’m not sure what else would have been available with this fuel consumption. I do have a question though; my brake pedal seems to make a clunk sound periodically when I release the brake. Has anyone else experienced this? email me at


I just got a 2010 outback limited 4cyl and I love it! The gas mileage is great! For a vehicle of this size and comfort I’m not sure what else would have been available with this fuel consumption. I do have a question though; my brake pedal seems to make a clunk sound periodically when I release the brake. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Nick Eidemiller

it's actually a Boxer or flat four not a V.

Nick Eidemiller

apparently they do or your motor is not programed right I am guessing that since you have a JDM motor it's the 2.0L in which case you should be expecting at least 20 city.

Linc Biggins

unlikely (on such a new vehicle) but possibly a small amount of pad movement inside the caliper, I had a similar symptom after putting in a new set of frt pads at around 135000 klms would be particularly noticeable when releasing the brake facing down a slight or bigger grade.


We live in Denver area and own a 2010 Outback with 4cyl CVT trans. This is our 3rd Outback. Wonderful vehicle! After 11K miles on it we average around town about 28.3 MPG. Mileage seems to get better as the engine breaks in more. Also own a '99 Legacy SUS (Sport Utility Sedan) and it gets 26/city and 30+/highway. Love our Subaru's, wouldn't own anything else!

Johnny Ainsworth

We just bought a 2014 Subaru Outback 2.5 4 cyl with CVT transmission. We average 31.2 mpg with the low of 28.6 and the high of 33.2, currently showing 32.4 on this tank after 5764 miles. We run mid-grade fuel (86/87 octane) instead of the regular 85 octane offered here in the mountains of Colorado.

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Really depends on several factors, like what year car you have and what transmission. All of the Outbacks with the four cylinder engine from 2010 to present that are automatics are continuously variable transmissions (CVT) which have an infinite number of gears in between for maximum efficiency. There are paddle shifters on the steering column in steps to assist you in engine control, but, using them is completely optional. Six cylinder engines featured the traditional 5 speed electronically controlled stepped automatics that got less mileage and range. Unfortunately, manual transmissions once a bastion of good gas mileage got eclipsed by new technology and have the worst mileage of all in every variant. Look at this web site to find your specific model and engine. Starting in 2015, Subaru jettisoned the manual transmissions and only offer automatic CVT units in the United States. The manual transmission is still available in Canada, but, honestly, why would you want that less efficient and less reliable unit anyway. I know someone who has it on their 2009 and they've regretted it.


2014 Outback 2 5 4 cylinder. In California city I got 24-25 mpg and 30-31 Highway. Now in Columbus GA getting 18 mpg, driving like a geezer and 80% of my miles are on interstate 185. Makes no sense and in California I had more hills. Ideas?


I had a 1999 Legacy 2.5 GT and i drove from Portland Oregon To Roseburg Oregon like 315 miles on 6 gallons so there! I did add some seafoam and ran Chevron super. plus check this out 225,000 miles on her.:)


theelement23 - I'm sorry, but, I don't believe that. You're saying that your 1999 Legacy got 52.5 miles per gallon, and your car has 225,000 miles. Well, maybe I could believe that you have that many miles and if you do, good for you. But, over 52 miles per gallon, I don't think so. My 2009 Prius doesn't even get that, but, it's much better than your getting. To get that kind of mileage, you would have been going downhill with the engine off or coasting in neutral most of the way. Are you sure you didn't mean 16 gallons?


I suck at typing, sorry. 180 miles 6 gallons. I did add Seafoam and Chevron Super. Ooops 220,000 miles on her. Still i was impressed. I mean 3/8 of a tank. Man that Eythnol sucks by the way..BOOO!


OK, thank you, that sounds more reasonable, that's still pretty good for a 1999. I have to work hard to get 30 mpg on my 2010 Subaru Outback with the CVT. But, maybe you were going downhill part of the way. My Prius normally gets 45 on the highway , but, it's a hybrid car, so, I figured something was off in your calculation. Kudos to you for breaking the 200,000 miles barrier. Have you had a lot of serious repairs over the period you've owned this car. You should check out the Subaru high mileage club.

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