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1998 Suzuki JimnyReview

Get 1 — on the road it handles like the q e 2 in a force 10 in the Atlantic but as you get off the black stuff and slow things down in the boggy soggy mud ridden country we live in the good old SUZUKI comes into its own with a poky 2.0 desile turbo intercooler the little truck comes into its own and with the added bonus of never ending fun as standerd i think suzis are the best for the mud o yea you can play round with them cheap and easy chip them to nearly 200bhp with neary 400 tourqe not bad also bigger turbos and intercoolers lift kits and such lkike youl be eatin landy all day on and off road

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: if mud grass or just donuts are your thing get 1

Cons: none

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