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1995 Ferrari F355Review
Guru9P4H5T writes:

The F355 is the best of the mid-engine V8s of Ferrari! It has the best sounding exhaust with the 5-valve per cylinder and sounds like a Formula 1 racing Ferrari. The gated manual is the best for driving. The cost of ownership is overrated and over-dramatized on the internet. I have had 4 other Ferraris and the cost of maintenance is in the middle range of all of them. Try a 599 with F1 and ceramic brakes and you will see the real cost of ownership! The F355 is the best size for driving... it is the most undervalued Ferrari on the market today.

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1995 Ferrari F355Review
gsworld2012 writes:

The 355 is an excellent Ferrari! Great for the money

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1995 Ferrari F355Review
Guru9XK8VX writes:

Dealer is very good. But this 355 with over 51,000 miles and 4 owners is over valued too high at its asking price. However well kept, even in this higher 355 market just within the last 18 months, this one still should not be more than $70,000-80,000. A 360 or Evora is much better value for better performance and price, a 355 is still very enjoyable to drive. Just be prepared invest an additional $10-30k into it in the next 3-6 years. My last 355 averaged 3-5k a year in maintenance/repair cost.

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1995 Ferrari F355Review
Lee writes:

My Personal Opinion — This car is awsome, the sound that this has once you creep over 3000rpm with a full tubi titanium system has to be heard to be appreciated, the car roars that it is about to rip the tarmac clean from under your feet, If you drive to close to the pavement you suck small children and old people straight into the monstrous air vents on the side of this italian masterpiece. A great fun affordable car that in my opinion makes the newer 360's and 430's look bad. the 355 is a true Ferrari.....the bad point, the electric roof breaks quite often!!! it costs in parts to fix the roofis about £0.50 for a fuse but £350 labour from marenello as the fuse box is under the drivers seat, which is just insane!!! I am lucky mines only broken twice this year....

Pros: What a beauty

Cons: How much !!!!

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Displaying all 1995 Ferrari F355 reviews reviews.

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