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1994 Ferrari 348Review
Kevin writes:

Stunning Italian. — I purchased this car shopping for a 328 - I drove a 348ts and it was so much "snappier" than the 328's I'd tested that I found extra money to get a late spider. The 348 got a bad rap in its day, but by the end of the model run most problems had been solved. This is the last Ferrari without power steering, and it drives like a 320 bhp go-kart as a result. Once I got it sorted (nothing majorly major, mostly the usual 348 issues) the car has been great. I drive it a LOT (over 54K miles now) and it rewards every time. One of the best sounding late Ferraris as well - see the video!!!!

Pros: It's a Ferrari - and it's mine!!!

Cons: Not the cheapest car to repair; may make a perceived statement regarding anatomical dimensions...

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1992 Ferrari 348 Reviews

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