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1983 Alfa Romeo GTVReview
Alex writes:

A Future Italian Classic —

This here is an Alfa GTV6. I paid bugger-all for it, sure it needs a little bit of TLC but thats nothing when you consider the title of "future classic" that goes along with these cars, it was hard to pass up! Yes yes, Alfa Romeos have always had a reputation for unreliability and poor quality, but this is seriously misguided. Indeed they can be a little tricky to get used to and somewhat expensive for maintenance, but like any older car a good one-off refresher of all the suspension, brakes and "go fast bits" will do wonders. In true Italian style, the interior is gorgeous (even when a little past its prime), and the car still looks mean even by today's standards. Whilst not an absolute stormer on the roads, it still has enough go to scare the passenegers a little, and keep the rice brigade at bay ;) It squeezes a little over 160hp/220Nm from this Italian V6 motor, but can be bumped up to a smidgen over 200hp easily - more than enough to kick the ass of your turbocharged 180sx or lower end skyline. Handling?? Where to begin!? The major selling point of these cars was the fun factor. A rear mounted gearbox with inboard rear brakes, all driven by a transaxle results in a PERFECT 50/50 weight balance front to back, and very little unsprung weight. All of this is put together by a DeDion rear triangle setup, whih means the rear wheels are always in contact with the road, regardless of stress on the body (roll, angle to the road etc). Build Quality and Cost of Ownership... I suppose I should touch on this too. As with any European sports car, there is a fair cost associated with parts. This usually rings true, but take the time to find a good local specialist whom you trust and you will be thankful later on! Mileage isn't steller - about 10L/100km (~27mpg) combined - but when you compare that to a modern sports car thats pretty damn good considering the fun you have with those miles! Can be a costly fill though, running best on high-octane premium fuel, with a SEVENTY-FIVE Lite tank. Repairs since I've had the vehicle: - The steering rack bolts came loose; 1/2 hr fix - Exhaust flange gasket blew through; 1/2 hr fix - Both side engine mounts (wasn't me!) - Clutch slave cylinder - Valves on the tyres were busted when it was put on the back of a truck for transport - Headlight stalk broke (thanks to a mate!) - Alternator needed new brushes/regulator repaired Not too bad for a 26 year old car. Well I think I've rambled on long enough. I'll leave you with these final words... For someone who's looking for a classic sports coupé thats a little different and an absolute blast with an engine note to kill for, go no further. Just remember; If you respect the car, the car will respect you.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Perfect handling - Stunning looks - Incredibly fun to drive - THAT NOISE!!

Cons: Can be a little exxy to maintain - Occasionally problematic mechanically

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