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1979 MG MidgetReview
palaia77 writes:
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Dangerous But Fun. It's Best For An Experienced Driver. — It was cheap and always runs and fun to drive. As long as the motor and transmission are good all the rest is cheap and easy to find parts. The carburetor is funky and could cost you if you need to get into it and I'm sure the same goes for the drive train. It's also very tiny and you could get ran over if your not cautious. Also not for big or tall people. No road trips !

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: It was easy to find parts and just a simple basic car. It's always ran. I never put the top up once.

Cons: In Florida it's great unless it rains. I don't think they even had AC at all. If you had to put up the top it's like putting a tarp over your head in the humidity and no circulation. Awful !

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1979 MG MidgetReview
Kim writes:

I Absolutely Love Mine! — It's fun, especially topless, excellent tool for sunburns, and also fantastic for dates. Also gets terrific acceleration for a 1500 4-cylinder, but also gets better performance with after-market performance parts (mine has a few, including a header, split-flow carb, etc.) I also happen to know you don't have to pull both tranny and engine to replace the clutch... but the poor thing had been through the wringer before I came by it, so it's also a bit clunky, sometimes it won't go, sometimes it won't stop, but all it really needs is a ground up restoration. But Midgets aren't in particularly high demand, and you do need to pretty much be an enthusiast to want one.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: You just want to give it a noogie!

Cons: It is an MG, and therefore quite tempermental.

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Displaying all 1979 MG Midget reviews reviews.

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