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1978 Holden GeminiReview
Krystal writes:

Tank. — What a tank of a car. If anyone has seen this car, you will know what I mean. It blew flames ffs! So fun to cruise around in. Definitely wish I still had it. Where ever you are, hope you're in a good home.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: 'Cause it's off the chain.

Cons: Uhm. It'll probably blow up.

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1978 Holden GeminiReview
Emma writes:

1978 Td Coupe Holden Gemini - "the Gem" — This was the first car I owned, and I have had it for about 8 years now. Would love to say it's still going strong, but sadly the opposite is the true. I chose to spend a lot of money on the gem when I first got it - nice new paint job, mags, extractors/sports exhaust etc, without giving any forethought to the fact that given the car's age I would be forced to spend a lot more money on it in the future. A fews years ago it had a full engine rebuild (along with a hundred other things that needed to be fixed), and I thought that would ensure its survival. It currently sits in a shed, having been pulled apart and put back together by me and my partner, refusing to start. But I still love it, and care bear the thought of losing it - so I continue to have faith that it will one day run again.

Pros: It's the hottest car on the planet!

Cons: It's age makes it a fairly unreliable car, unless (or despite the fact that) a lot of money is spent on it.

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Displaying all 1978 Holden Gemini reviews reviews.

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