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1974 De Tomaso Pantera Review
Euronut says:
An unusual beast. Handling not as sharp or sweet as my 308 but the NASCAR 351 Cleveland makes up for it. A true terror in the lower gears. Watch out for the ZF transaxle - those need to be pampered a bit as a blown one will ruin your wallet. Reliability is good for an old exotic. Fairly straightforward to work on. Rust needs to watched - no surprise there. Good parts support. Some people dont like the black front bumper but its how I remember them from my youth so I like it. Fuel economy is in the teens. Headroom is very limited. At 510 I had to be careful when rebuilding seats so my head didnt hit the liner. Floorpans can be rebuilt lower but only up to a point. I painted mine silver and half the people think its a Delorean - oh well. Cooling system needs to be upgraded from stock as these tend to run hot, but this is all pretty well documented and easy to do. Watch the wheel bearings and half shafts - again, pretty normal stuff for old collector car. Prices stayed in the $20K range for decades - no more. People also tended to modify these cars a bit much at times. Overall, good owning and driving experience.
vs1980 Ferrari 308
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Power Ranked 1980 Ferrari 308 worse.
"Engine twice as big"
Back Seats Ranked 1980 Ferrari 308 worse.
"There are no back seats in either..."
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1974 De Tomaso PanteraReview
voltagefuel writes:
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Most Exciting And Designed Car In It's Day — In 1975 my dad bought this car off the showroom floor for $9,500, and I later sold it on eBay in 2010 after 35 years of family ownership and pure bliss. This was one of only 50 1974 DeTomaso Pantera GTS "American" imported to the USA, although the Euro version same year had more HP and suspension upgrades. The Pantera is exciting to look at, and more fun to drive. We logged 25,000 before selling it. I can remember 155mph trips to Toronto from Buffalo and the top speed hit was about 175MPH, although never fully tested. The Red & Black color still is rare, and inside the Pantera had A/C, a decent radio, but that's was useless when you wanted speed, because you'll go deaf, it's so loud inside, although it's also very exciting at the same time. The general design and build quality was excellent, and the FORD 351 Cleveland in my opinion is one of the best American made engines ever made. Over the years, this car does require a commitment, and costs escalate if you let it go, but having such a rare car is worth it.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Enduring classic exotic design by Ghia with spectacular performance from a 351 Cleveland engine, spirited by ZF 5 speed transmission, head turner and former Words Fastest Car inside Guinness Book of Records

Cons: Very loud inside because the engine is right behind you, long term maintenance costs require serious commitment

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1974 De Tomaso PanteraReview

I Saw My First One In 1971and I Have Wanted One Ever Since...i Am Going On 10 Years With #6656 — American Muscle in an Armani Suit! Tap the throttle at 70 and you blip to 90 before you know it. One of the most fun things about driving the car is the sound it makes Detomaso did not install a radio or side view mirrors on the car for a very good reason... one, unless you buy the big amp for the radio you can't hear it and who wants to. Two, the rear view mirrors.. who cares what is behind you (unless the lights flash). It does have a 200mph speedometer and with my 150 NOS shot it will almost peg it. When I do drive my car I worry about the people around me hanging out of their cars to take pictures of mine... Smile! You don't see that happen when you drive a Vette or a Viper (Well maybe some time it does happen to them too.!) Keeper of #6656

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Fun and easy to work on lots of good people in the Pantera community

Cons: 3 fans 3600 cfm 4 core radiator to keep mine cool in Florida Traffic and setting the kids car alarms off with my exhaust at idle!

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Displaying all 1974 De Tomaso Pantera reviews reviews.

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