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1971 Triumph TR6Review
Chris writes:

Great Car But Typically British — If you give it a little TLC every weekend it's a great car, skip a week or two and expect to be stranded... Also helps to be good with a test light...

Pros: Handles like a go cart, looks great

Cons: needs tlc

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1976 Triumph TR6 Reviews

More Power, More Fun By savis

I have always loved the raw, un refined sports car look of the tr6. the larger wheels are perfect for the look. it brings back memories when I was younger, and had friends with Austin healeys bugeye ... Read More

Simple Two Seater Roadster Fun In A Timeless Classic Design. By Sailin6

The car's performance acceleration, braking are adequate. The connection between car, driver and road are exceptional. The handling is excellent for a 70's vintage roadster. It all adds up to incr... Read More

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Fun To Drive, But Expect To Be Under It Almost As Much As You're In It. By lightfoot44

Bought a used one in 1984. First thing necessary was to rebuild the entire engine. Then it was a constant parade of repairs on Carbs, brake and clutch hydraulics,front end suspension parts, cooling ... Read More

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1974 Triumph With Overdrive In 2nd, 3rd, And 4th By wasanicecar

Having a brother who has rebuilt a 73 TR6 from the frame up, there's no comparing a rebuilt engine to a 40 year old car with 66k miles on it, but of the 3 TR6's (unmodified) I've driven over the years... Read More

Fantastic By DMN

The appearance, handling, torque and sound of these cars is superb. When brought back to proper condition they are very reliable and can be driven anywhere. They are easy to maintain and parts are re... Read More

1973 Triumph TR6 Reviews

Review By Guru17MJ7

I cant judge the value because the price was not posted. It is a beautiful car but I need to see the undercarriage. Read More

Good Cruiser By BJ

I liked the looks of the car a lot. It had great styling and the convertable top was awesome on cool fall days. The motor had plenty of torque to pull you along. It was a great car for cruising around... Read More

1972 Triumph TR6 Reviews

Crisp Handling Fun To Drive. By tr6driver

Top down cruising on route 66. This cars draws attention and is a great conversation starter with anyone who appreciates classic British automobiles. Joining a car club enhances the experience, especi... Read More

My Classic Car. By Rhona

A fabulous, proper sports car. A really good classic. A bit squeaky, not brilliant at cornering but the acceleration was fab. You sit low so it feels like you are faster than you really are. Get the ... Read More

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