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Lights Flashing On Dash And Shifter

i have a 96 960 my transmission is shifting great but my arrow on the dash is flashing along with the light in winter mode jumping from winter to sport>

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Flashing Dash And Shifter Lights

I have heard form others that these flashing lights are more likely than not associated with....."Orange Arrow flashing light indicates a fault in the transmission, more than likely a faulty PNP swi...


Stripped Thermostat Housing Bolts - Volvo 960

I have stripped the threads on the bolt holes for the thermostat housing on my Volvo 960 when replacing stripped bolts with new ones. Was wondering if there is an easy fix (DIY) or is this best hand...

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Why Does Car Have To Warm Up Before Going Into Drive?

When car is first started it will go in reverse but not drive. After warming up for about 30 minutes it will go into drive with no problem.

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Why Does Your Battery Light Stay On? 1997 Volvo Wagon

Just got the car. Battery is new, Both the ABS and Battery light stays on.

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1993 Volvo 960 Will Only Run If Jumper Cables Are Connected To Another Car....

Only starts and runs with jumpers connected. What am I missing?

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Whenever My Car Runs For Up To 3 Miles ,if L Turn It Off For Any Reason, It...

Additionally, it powered off while running and since then,it cranks up but wouldn't start,its been 5 days,the spark plugs have been changed but it made not difference.

Nikki Trivette

Volvo 960 Idling Rough, Steam Vapor Coming From Oil Dipstick?

Took my Volvo 960 (Turbo) out of town on a "three hour tour" today...(drove approximately 170 miles there & 170 miles back home) and it ran fine til I got back to my hometown...but then I noticed it...

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Nikki Trivette

Starter Or "bendix" ??

So my starter (or ignition) is making this God-awful scraping noise when I start my 94 Volvo 960 ABS light is on and I have a flashing UP arrow...also, the get-up and go kinda got up & went ...

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1996 960 Volvo

yellowish substance on the dipstick when I check the oil

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Sandy Rabolli

Why Does My Volvo Smell Like Gas When Istart It Up And Run The Fan?

it smells the first start after it sits overnight real bad later on when I start it there is no smell?

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How To Replace Volvo 960 Starter?

im repmacing my starter in my 94 volvo 960 and before i just jump in and start taking stuff apart i was looking for a how-to, tips, hints, ne suggestions please?

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Air Conditioning System

freon doesn't stay long

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94 Volvo 960 Orange Blinking Arrow Is On... Help!?

while changing some fuses (w my car acc on) i accidentaly grabbed a tranny fuse. immed replaced it shut it off and started it again this time with blinking orange arrow. drives fine w.s.e. keeps ...

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Nikki Trivette

What In The World Is Going On With My Volvo?!?!?!

I don't even know where to start! :( I have several issues going on with my 94 Volvo 960 SW. The igniton started making a weird sound about a week ago. Kind of a roaring sound after it's cranked..i...

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Which Nivomat Shocks Is It?

I have the below photo of my vin label for my 93 Volvo 960. I cannot decipher the codes for the correct Nivomat rear shocks to order. Please assist. thank you.

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