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Mazda MX-5 Miata Questions Any type

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Gasoline Odor

After I have driven my '96 Miata for a half-hour or more and park it in my garage, it gives off a strong gasoline odor for the next couple of hours. There are no leaks, no puddles on the floor. It...

435 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

93 Miata Stalls

I have a 93 Miata with a Jackson Racing Super Charger currently I am experiencing an intermittent stalling problem. Car will stall when coming to a stop, down shifting to turn and also stalls when go...

638 views with 5 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

My 97 Maita Speedometer Is Running Fast

MY speedometer is running fast like 80 when running 20.The odometer and trip is working anyone know which part to look at first

161 views with 1 answer (last answer 2 years ago)

1993 Miata Stalls In Gear

I've taken this to two mechanics with no luck. I've had new fuel pump, camshaft sensor and battery installed. It starts up but when the car is put into gear it stalls. I've nearly given up. I put ...

1,012 views with 10 answers (last answer about a month ago)

Write Your Topic ...conversion From 6-speed To Auto

I am over 65, and want to leave my car for my daughter. therefore the need to convert the box. How big the job?... What other parts needed?... so far I have the Transmission, CPU, Shifters, Gauges, D...

164 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Brake Caliper Rear Assembly Drawing?

can"t release piston

792 views with 4 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

Timing Belt, Waterpump, Etc.

Hi Guys, this is my fourth Miata. this one is a 2001 SE, 6 speed, with 39k. she has had regular maintenance at the dealer. I recently acquired her and decided to drain fluids in trans and rear end ...

3,157 views with 2 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

How To Diagnose Intermittent Engine Problem

engine stumbles under medium or hard accelleration in all gears, but not always, sometimes it runs fine, it always runs fine when cold. changed plugs,wires,air filter and pcv valve,but problem persist...

1,781 views with 5 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

Octane Rating For 92 Mx5?

420 views with 1 answer (last answer 2 years ago)
Rory O'Donovan

Engine Swap Into Miata

Here is a tuffy: I am unsure about the bolt in of my 13B-REW from a series 8 FD RX7 in my 91 Miata. My Miata was a NA6 model and I was wondering if anyone knows if I need custom fabricated engine moun...

783 views with 2 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

Changing The Bulbs On Headlight And Fog Light

Hi, could someone give me instructions on how to do this? My headlight lamp and fog light bulbs are burned out. I got new ones at autozone. I managed to get the lamp assembly out of the headlight, b...

2,030 views with 1 answer (last answer 4 years ago)
John Abts

I Need To Find A Miata With No Engine Or Transmission.

rear diff optional. perferrably with pop-up lights, i believe that's 89-93? interior intact, manual windows and mirrors.

563 views with 4 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

What Year Did The Miata First Have Automatic Transmission?

283 views with 4 answers (last answer about a year ago)

94 Miata High Screech When Starting Car

When starting the car a high pitched screech begins for a minute then will stop. The car seems to run fine. This has been going on for several months and now it is getting louder. Any ideas on wha...

502 views with 2 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

Smokes In The Morning Or When Sits For Hours

runs great other than that that it smokes for about half mile or so in the mornings or when i let it sit for a couple hours it is oil you can smell it . other people with this kind of car has same pro...

809 views with 4 answers (last answer 4 years ago)

Tire Sizes

2001 Special Edition Original Tire size 16 / 205/ 45.... I want to replace with GY-Eagle-1, 16 / 225/ 50... I'm concerned about clearance...What do you think ? Henry Miller; Mt.Holly, NJ hnmill...

711 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Does Anyone Know How To Bypass Camshaft Sensor

2001 miata. Shop replaced camshaft sensor and thottle position sensor last year to corect stalling problem. A year later had the same problem and the shop replaced it again. Its now starting to act up...

496 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

Why Is Charge Light On At 14.9 Volts?

Charge light comes on a few seconds after starting engine. 14.9-15.0 volts at fuze block in engine compartment. 12.25 volts with engine off, lights on. 12.4-12.5 volts with lights off.

474 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Taking Door Panels Off

Could someone provide the step by step instructions on removing the inner door panels?

1,400 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)

Improving Performance

I have a 93 in excellent condition, but as with all models before 94, Oh so slow! What are my options ro improve acceleration. Not top speed, but 0-60 peformance.

388 views with 1 answer (last answer 3 years ago)
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