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89 Chevy Sprint...timing Issues

My 89 chevy sprint 1.0L 3 cyl. Non turbo has issues starting. I am not a mechanic and have been researching alot on google to slowly investigate my issue. I've had an ongoing problem for three wee...

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Angela Christman

What Makes My 1987 Chevy Sprint Act Like It Has No Gas On A Full Tank

when driving my 1987 chevy sprint will go fine for a bit then it will bog down with no power like it is out of gas. I pull over and wait then try again it will go again . I never know when it will d...

29 views with 7 answers (last answer 3 months ago)

Have 86 Sprint Plus Automatic Will Start With No Problem But Not Idle Prop...

Problem. Is this just carbureator problem or something else or a combination of things, what can I try. Is there a mechanic in new York city area who I can trust who knows my car and can diagnosi...

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What Have I Done? Is It Distributor, Efi, Or Just Me?

Where do I start? I had to replace my distributor, the weights had ripped a elongated hole almost completely severing the casing in half. It took a few weeks to find one for Turbo. However, once it wa...

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Problem With My 1989 Chevy Sprint 1 Litre, 3 Cyl Auto

My 1989 Chevy Sprint is heating up when I am driving it, but cools down when I stop the vehicle and I noticed spurts out black smoke out of tail pipe, but only once in awhile. I replaced the head gask...

7 views with 6 answers (last answer about a year ago)

All The Coolant Is Coming Out Of The Engine Block Right Under The Air Filte...

My car is 1989 chevy sprint 1L Engine. Recently my car have a problem. All the coolant is coming out of the engine block right under the air filter. I do not see any loose pipe.

3 views with 4 answers (last answer 2 years ago)

I Would Like To Convert My 86 Sprint To Fuel Injection. Will The Setup Off...

7 views with 3 answers (last answer 3 years ago)

Any Person To Know Where I Buy Parts For Standart Transmission

I need the syncro for first shft.

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Can A 3 Cylinder Carburetor 1988 Sprint Be Changed To A Fuel Injection Engi...

Carburetor repair sources are getting harder to find. In looking ahead, was wondering if it's possible to change the type of engine to a fuel injection on the 1988 Chevrolet Sprint.

23 views with 2 answers (last answer 9 months ago)

I Replaced Transmission In My '86 Sprint Hatchback, Can't Remember Where Ne...

166 views with 2 answers (last answer about a year ago)

Brake Problems?

My dad is getting irritated with me. I am trying to get my 87 sprint up and running. I redid all my brakes, beld the lines, replaced valves etc. And now my brakes go completely soft when the engine is...

3 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 years ago)

Headlight Problems

Has anyone had a problem with the headlights not working when the switch is pressed? Everything works perfect except when you try to turn on the headlights they shut off and you also cannot turn on hi...

6 views with 2 answers (last answer 5 years ago)

87 Chevy Sprint Base Or Er ?

i just learned there is a base model and an er model how do i find out which one i have

4 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 years ago)
Justin Walker

I Have An 88 Chevy Sprint 4 Door N/a Engine Manual Transmission.

I want to rebuild the entire car from bumper to bumper but I can't find parts. Can somebody tell me where to start looking. I've tried to find parts online but they are few & far between. Any help wou...

3 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 years ago)
Robert Taphorn

Turbo Sprints

Anybody packing a turbo in their Sprint? Mine is an early 87 (12/86) model, Turbo 5 speed. Even with the turbo it gets better gas mileage than my 89 Plymouth K-car, and preforms better with a 1 lit...

5 views with 3 answers (last answer about a year ago)
Robbie Padilla

Chevy Sprint Top Speed?

How fast is a Chevy Sprint (when its 4th gear actually works)? (It's in the background behind the bike.)

8 views with 3 answers (last answer about a year ago)

What Mileage Can One Expect From A 5 Speed Hatchback 1991 Chevy Sprint?

2 views with 5 answers (last answer 5 years ago)

87 Chevy Sprint 4 Door Longer, Heavier Than 87 Hatchback?

3 views with 1 answer (last answer 7 years ago)

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