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Why do all my windows roll down automatically when parked?


Asked by missygirl May 04, 2008 at 09:17 AM about the 2004 Honda Accord EX V6

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After parking and locking our 04 Accord we have several times returned to find all four windows down about two inches. is there something or feature about this car that I don't know about.

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Keith Locke

The reason your windows are rolling down after you lock the vehicle is, you are holding the remote unlocking button too long when you open the car. There is a similar feature on a lot of post 1999 cars, BMW's and a lot of top of the range Fords also have this function. If you try holding the unlock button on the remote locking fob for a few seconds, then all the windows should open simultaniously and if you hold the lock button for a few seconds, then all the windows should close fully. Hope this helps

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When I push my unlock button and hold it, the windows will go down automatically...maybe when you are unlocking it you are holding it down longer than you think? It is a nice way to get the hot air out of the car while you are close to it

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Ghassan Emile Moubarak

you are accidentally opening ur car windows with the key fob by pressing unlock for 2 long or your key is really dirty and is stuck in unlock mode to reclose windows from outside you have to insert the key and turn it into the lock position and hold it there you can't close the windows with the lock button hope this helps

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Missygirl - don't listen to the B.S. about you being the problem that the windows go down. I have an '03 Accord EX and it does the exact same thing. I took it into the dealer b/c they kept giving me the same lame excuse ...until they themselves drove it off - parked it - went back - and saw the windows were all down. I'm now told that it has to do with the driver-side door locking system - whatever that is. it's costing me about $290 to fix. I'm still fuzzy on the details, but I keep running across this question on blogs everywhere and I keep seeing the same lame excuses. I know your post is old, but I'm hoping this answer will help someone else in the future.

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bm329 - I have the same problem with 08 accord ex; dealer thinks it has something to do with UNLOCKING the car, but that's not when it happens. It's when I've already LOCKED the car, left it, and returned t find the windows down. The dealer wants to check it out. We'll see.......

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AlleMy 2004 Nissan pathfinder has brought joy.and fits thru out the years. Right now its sitting in the driveway with the front half covered in tarp. In the last four years I've woken up to rain or snow storms and the windows had been down for HOURS!...thank god/dess for leather seats..still..the other day I drove 60miles at 4:30am to work on my dogs blankies..seriously. called Nissan..they were like"hmmmm bring it in for the cost of.your new born"..kidding...but he did say hmmmm...and let me not start on the engine light coming on at 30,000. And the small fortune I paid to never get it never pass inspection...


Otherwise...great in the snow..and for camping...good luck out there folks...


I just found this post answering the question for my 2013 Accord. I am sorry folks, I thought you were all nuts. I went to the car which is parked just outside our den window and pushed the unlock. The second time I held it. The sunroof and all four windows went down. I am no longer a skeptic. When this happened yesterday, our neighbor saw the windows go down. He thought I was letting the hot air out before leaving. No, I was in the den and the unlock button was compressed in my pocket in my recliner. It does work for the 2006 CR-V. I tried it and nothing happened. Thanks folks.

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I'm glad I found this post! This happened to me abiut 20 minutes ago! I thought someone, somehow, remotely opened the windows to my 2007 Honda Odyssey, to be asshole! I just came out if Costco...I was in there for only a few minutes returning something...when I came back out, all four windows are down AND IT'S RAINING!!! My hands were pretty full, and I had an umbrella, to boot, when I went in the store. I must've been holding that unlock button down and didn't realize it. I sat in my car forever trying to figure out how hat happened, b/c I know when I got out of the car, the windows were closed! The only thing wrong w/ this explanation is that after I read through these posts, I tried to do that from inside the car the windows didn't go down!

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Perhaps your windows did not go down was because you were IN the car. My wife did not have her fob when she tried to enter the trunk. I tried to open from inside the car and it did not work. (Our car does not have keys exept for locking the trunk when using a valet. It has keyless start and entry.) To get the windows to go down, you push the unlock 2 times and hold the 3rd time. It works every time.


This just happened to me too (2013 Accord). "Why would anyone break into our garage just to roll down our windows?!" Turns out a double-tap of the "Lock" button controls the window/sunroof. Crazy.

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Honda Accord v6 ex-l 2009 -same thing. Accidentally kept the button down and the sun-roof and all windows started opening. Hope it wouldn't happen by itself some day in a parking lot, because otherwise it's a great car and I can forgive it some minor whims.


OMG....this has been happening to me for the past couple of days...and today it was 4 degrees outside and I was frozen because everytime I locked my car and started to walk away the stupid windows and sunroof would open...I tried it 8 times ugh !!! I thought it had something to do with my automatic start I have on the car 2009 Honda Accord...Now I'm like a crazy person I keep going outside to see if they are all down and open again ...thank god It's only a 2 door lol.... so I'm not crazy when i came online and read all your remarks lol...


Yep! I have a 2010 Honda Accord! And it does the same thing! I thought my car was possessed! But I tried what was suggested above, and if I hold the unlock button on my remote too long, it rolls the windows down partially, if I press it again, it rolls them down completely! But on my remote, the lock button does not roll them back up. I'm so glad that I found my answer here instead of wasting money on a mechanic! Whew! No ghost! Lol!

David Hambleton

If all of what I'm reading here is true, why is there not something in the owners manual about this problem?

Theresa Gallo Colon

It's been happening with my Honda Ridgeline for months and couldn't figure out why until today. Pressing the unlock button a couple times roles down the windows a little at a time. Nothing in the manual about it.

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