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loss of power while driving


Asked by 32geoff Dec 15, 2009 at 11:41 AM about the 2010 Ford Edge Limited

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

today, while driving, the vehicle simply lost all power and had to be immediately pulled over.  after a few minutes tried to start the vehicle and it worked fine.  driving conditions were cold and wet.  this is a brand new edge.  anybody know what could cause such a thing.  at a close by dealership now awaiting analysis.

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The same problem happened to our Edge on 3 separate occasions during cold weather. Our Edge is a 2009 model with 15,000 miles. A local dealer had the car for 3 days and could not find the problem. We were told to bring the car back when the problem becomes more frequent. Lets hope no one is killed the next time this happens. Please let us know if your dealer solves the problem.

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Simon Charbonneau

It might be the traction control that engaged with no reason... I know I loose power big time when it engages in deep snow!

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So sorry it took this long to reply, as I stopped looking back at this message. Yes the dealer did fix it, seeing as it has not re-occured. They said it was the starter cable not properly affixed to its place, thus eventually losing power. Took them most of the day to diagnose the problem. Knock on wood that it should never happen again. Hey maybe we could kick up enough fuss so to get Ford in front of the US Congress like poor Toyota has had to do over they faults. Geoff


My Edge only has 5 K on it. While driving through a severe rain storm, it really lost power. I could hardly get up a small hill. I let it dry for 2 hours and took it to the dealership. It worked fine to the dealership and the next day they hooked it up to a computer and of course found nothing. It has worked fine since.

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this is purely because of cold. get the heater checked.

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This happened once to me while driving through a rain storm. I. . waited a half hour and then the Edge worked fine. I've got 7K on it now and it only happened that one time. The dealership found nothing wrong.


Im an ASE master cert. auto tech the replie on the cold causing it is bullshit . do not beleive that on working on my edge now and will post a proper correction.

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Not Active

OK MASTER TEC,waiteing on your fix,I call BS on you,to original poster glad you got it uncle has a EDGE,had same thing happen to his,I found the same problem,loose connection at starter.

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This has happened to me on three separate occasions (in the 16 months I have owned the vehicle) and usually at the worst time such as stuck on the highway in rush hour or turning and trying to go up a small hill. I have a 2010 Edge with only 15,000 miles on it. I took it into the dealer and they "could not replicate'. The only way to resolve is to drive it directly to the dealer when it happens - this is what they told me. The power comes back once the car is turned off and sits for a minute. Sounds to me like a computer problem but Ford cannot figure it out. I live in the south and it has happened when it was 90, 70 and 45 degrees out - so it has nothing to do with temperature. Also, it has happened when driving for 5 mins, 20 mins and an hour into a trip.

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My Mom has an Edge, it happened to her a year ago, Ford dealer couldnt replicate. It just happened to her again on the hwy going 60mph. Just shut off, lost all power. And it was 80 degrees yesterday, so it has nothing to do with temp. Fucking Ford

Kenneth Alex

Yes I agree , with those that state it problem has nothing to do with the Temp . I just purchased 2007 edge and have had it stop pulling and over tach 3 times now twice on the highway traveling above 70MPH. and have taken it to the dealer twice. I they can't find the problem. just on Sunday Aug 01, 2013 loss of power backing out of family member driveway no power to back out had to shut the car off and reset to get power to back out of small incline driveway. This is BS big time to sell the general public a vehicle that has problems that put your life in danger out on our roadways ! I love my edge but don't care for this problem that ford just refuse to fix and address ! when you have had this problem reported this many times and no one has gotten a fix on this problem and it happening on the new models up to 2013 ! something has to be done about this before someone lose their life ! Do anyone has the answer to how to correct this problem since ford refuse to address or fix these bugs in their MKX and Edges ?


When you have this happen, do you also have a warning come up saying "AWD OFF?" That is what my 2011 has done twice. Both times we were able to shut car off and start back up and it is back to normal. Today it was about 65 degrees outside, and last month it was about 55 degress... temp not an issue.


I got a brand new edge 2013 with only 5,000 miles. It has lost power 4 times and won't come back on for about 20 minutes. It has never happened while I was driving always when the vehicle has been turned off. I called Ford Headquarters and filed a complaint it is at the dealership now getting checked out. This is the third time I have taken it in for this problem. Sure hoping they find something.

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Glad I found this board. We have a 2013 edge with only 1,100 miles on it. 3 times it has failed to start. No power no starter nothing. I let it sit for a few minutes then it started. yesterday as I was driving it stopped running, twice for no apparent reason. Just total loss of power. Same thing after I coasted out of traffic onto side street. Complete loss of power for several minutes. Then it started up. Towed to dealer. Dealer is scratching his head.....I can't be the only one this has happened to

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I agree that it has nothing to do with the temperature. I have a 2007 Ford edge and it has lost power on me 3 times in the past month while temps were 35F, 77F, and 54F. I have had the vehicle over 2 years now. My fix is the same as most of you, I turn the vehicle off, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then its fine. It's definitely a FORD manufacturing problem if we are all experiencing the very same issue.

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You think this is helpful.

I had my 2013 edge completely lose power the other day. Fortunately, I was close to home but it could have been disastrous if i was on the freeway. There was no warning, it simply lost all power. Its at the dealership now. They say it needs a new computer. I had not heard of problems with the edge prior to this incident.

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This is another owner with a brand new 2013 Edge losing power without warning. It was lightly raining and 50 degrees but surely what has that to do with anything when all other posts describe variable conditions. I have less than 3000 miles on mine and it just shut off and the dash read a warning of low oil pressure. I was pulling into a parking spot. Read where Chevy had some of these issues as well and didn't address them for years.

Prince Leftridge II

Everyone, I experienced this on our 2008 Ford Edge SE. Turned out to be a bad throttle body and it was replaced under warranty.

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