engine noise on a 4.7L


Asked by ram4x4 May 19, 2015 at 08:52 PM about the 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

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2002 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with a 4.7lv8 I run 5w-30 oil in it and I am getting engine noise at startup that goes away when it warms up should i be consernsd?

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Hi ram4x4, This could be loose connecting rods or a worn bearings/seal causing the crank to be off-center. These noises never turn out good over time. I would have it looked at sooner rather than later. It could cost you a bunch later. Good luck!

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Nick Salmonese

buy a 408 stroker

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David Scott

its probably just lifter noise, the hydrolic lifters seem to devleop noise over time, it is normal, but if it seem like the noise is louder then that then get it looked at, could be colapsed pistons if it goes away once warm

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A Facebook user

try running 10w30 and add a acdelco product called EOS if the noise is still there its a mechanical problem and will get expensive. if the noise goes away its called piston slap and it doesn't cause significant damage my GM has 260,000 on it and it slapped from the day i got it. EOS is about $10 from any GM dealer.

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Helllo, i am having the same problems with my 02 ram 4.7 . mine started about the time truck hit 60,000, she has 61,500 on her now{. nov09 1st kept get multiple codes po305 misfire #5 found a bad platium plug melted off ,replaced. week later samething pulled plug{ok} replaces coil, cleared codes again ,week later same code pulled a part again{ok} burning lean, swapped injector 1&5- and again po305 along with a evap code{replaced gas cap} cleared codes ,then 2weeks later with no codes upper rad hose blows{looked like someone sliced it on bottom side} 2week after that radiator itself blows at right seam tank{ replaced raditor, lower hose, thermostat} it's been fine up to a week ago{feb2010} with cold weather, it sounds as if the bottom end , or the valves aren't getting any oil{ she rapped,and carries on for abount a minute until she starts warming up, then noises go away .oil pressure is always good, but i have noticed the heat isn't as good,and little by little using coolant. Once in a while smell coolant burn out tailpipe once in while, not all the time . don't no what's going{no codes }showing. or pending codes. is it the oil, or head gasket, heads worped, intake gasket?

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Adam Desalvo

ha thats funny bc i bought my truck with 79000 and 100 miles later a lifter droped and a bunch of crape happened that made her blow up. lucky for me it was covered but this 4.7 is a junk motor they have slug problems im running synthetic 10w 30 . anyone having really bad fuel millage with their truck bc im running around 10 mpg all the time.

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Not Active

sounds like you got lifter noise at start up,switch to 10 w 30 motor oil.

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Not Active

5w30 is a break in oil weight when new,you should be useing 10w30

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I have the same issue with my 2004 ram. I used 20w oil and it reduced it for a while however after looking more in depth it was the lower rods in the motor needing replaced $200 job. I am looking to upgrade the motor to a 5.7 Hemi later on but once you get the rods replaced and run 20w oil the noise will go away and the motor will last a good while I have 160,000 on mine now.

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just bought a 02 4.7 and i am having that noise... but if anyone still looks at this thread i would like to know if i should sell it asap or once i fix the lifter will this be a good engine. i have 132k miles on it

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Joanie Joles

This is old question. But there is some really bad and totally miss information presented in response. First the weight and viscosity has a huge effect on cold start up, operating temp heat shearing protection, sludge build up, and mpg. The thicker weight oils ie 10w- have thicker cold viscosity meaning hard on engine start up and more likely to cause sludge. 10w are mainly for summer or high temp climates. 5w are for various climates and more winter temps and flow more easily overall there by giving more mpg. Infact new dodge now have 5w-20 weight to meet higher mpg requirements. The second oil weight numer is even more important than either 10w or 5w. The second number indicates the thickness of oil at operating temps. The lower the numer the thinner oil barrier. With these older dodge 4.7l and 5.9l hemi there needs to be more protection ie 5w-40. The newer 2011 and up have smaller ports where the heavier protection can actually clog engine ports / oil flow as such 2011 and up now use 5w20. If are having cam crank or lifter problems there is not good protection of engine by the oil, need to jump up to 10w/5w -40 . There are plenty of owners,myself included, who ditched the 10w-30 for 5w-40 diesel oils in older magnums 4.7l have got thier rigs to the 500,000 mark. Personally prefer rotella t6 full synthetic 5w-40. Cheap at amazon or wal mart, great detergents, excellent cold starting, higher mpg. It works across all my rigs, Cummins 5.9l, magnum 4.7l, and vw 1.9l tdi,

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Tracy Parks

I have a 2001 Durango, with a 4.7 that had what I thought was hydrolic valve adjuster noise. Well after soaking the new ones in oil, I changed all 16 of them. On startup, guess what, same noise. May be an oil flow issue, I guess I will do a flush and an oil change, then see what happens.

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I have 2005 Durango with a 4.7 with 126 mile and I want to know for how much I can sell it?

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The 4.7L Magnum is an interference engine - meaning the pistons could tap the valves if the timing is off - or if the rod bearings start to wear, allowing the pistons to travel slightly farther, just enough to contact the valves. So far there are several possibilities for why these engines make this noise - 1) timing chain and chain tensioner wear and stretch, 2) lifters and/or valve lash adjusters sludging up, 3) worn rod bearings. People have reported replacing all the lifters, rocker arms and lash adjusters and still having this noise. If you're going to get into an engine that far, you might as well replace the timing chains and tensioner as well, or maybe upgrade to a double-roller chain and eliminate the tensioners.

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Karl Staaf

Valve seats are not uncommon to fall out on these engines. Will also cause slapping noise.

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I have a 1998 Ram 1500 and went out to start it the other day and wont start. can hear the fuel pump start up and engine will turn over. I checked for spark and I have it. i am at a loss, the mechanic said it turns over really fast so he thinks it could be a bent valve or a broken rod. Thoughts?

Liz Bliese

we bought our 2nd 4.7 again the ominous tic when starting dealer said it is common and not to worry about it... dealer trying to pass the buck and not fix prob while under warranty?

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I have a ;2008 dodge ram with the 4.7 what all year models will fit in it.

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I just had the same thing happen with my 02 ram 4.7. It was ticking on startup for awhile and then started making a loud constant tick. I flushed the engine and changed the oil and the tick didn't change. Pulled the valve cover and discovered I had a collapsed lifter. Easy fix autozone had lifters for 7.99 and the rocker just pops back in with a screwdriver. soon as the lifter built up the tick was gone.

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i have 2004 dodge ram 1500 the 5.7 hemi blowed could i put a 4.7 in it or would that be hard

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I have the 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 SLT 4.7L V8 Quad Cab its 2WD with 187000 with no problems! Thank God@! Its been a great truck. I do alot of towing with horse, hay trailers. I use 10w30 with Lucas with every oil change! Which I have use Lucas in every Vehicles and Boats! Nascar even use it! The only thing I hate is the gas mileage it seems I get 8-12 miles to a gal depending what Im doing. My friend has the same truck hes getting 8 miles to the gallon! which the selling time was 13 city 17 hwy for the If my Motor blows Im going to put a Hemi in it I guess the 5.7 to some people that dont know, lol or put another 4.7 in it. Good Luck Ram People!!!!!! Try the Lucas in your MOTOR! and Trans! Also for Gas!

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Hi i have 03 1500 dodge ram 4,7 i buy thr truck at 106k since then i used sludge remover auto rx then i start using 0 40w mobil one and lucas full synthetic oil add full bottle ever oilchange. I have 165k miles now and been using supergas only my enginr runs like dream i have the cold start engine noise since day one one time shop changed the oil to 10 30w then i realize engine is ruff lost hp and ticking takes forever i changed it back to 0 40 w and engine still runs great soo its about what kind of oil u use also what type .these engines builds sludge cuz oil brakes dont be cheap when buying oil and always get lucas add

Jonathan Miles

I have an 03 4.7 that had a very noticeable tick but it doesn't start ticking till the truck warms up

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Just fixed ticking noise would tick till engine warms up then go away it was exhaust manifold gasket,mechanic checked & fixed in about an hour.

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Hi I have a 2005 dodge Durango 4.7 I changed the lifters an the noise started up again slowly .what would you recommend that I do. Should I check the manifold


Hi mikilars, It could be several different things. 1) broken manifold bolts 2) timing chain is worn out or plastic tensioner is broke or worn out 3) lifters, maybe one bad or not in right. 4) rocker arms fell off.

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