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GM Certified Internet Dealer, GM Certified Used Vehicles

127 Wolf Rd
Albany, NY 12205

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Servicio: (518) 458-7700

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8 sep. 2019
They replied promptly but the vehicle sold.
4 sep. 2019
I didn't even give them a chance. When I noticed the price changed and then asked if this was available at the lower price, I received a reply that was neither, yes or no but instead, we have plenty of vehicles to look at if this one is not available. I asked again but for a direct answer and received a reply of no, but another one that is white is available at this price only if I qualify for the incentives. When asked how do I qualify to get these incentives I was told I would have to come in.
26 ago. 2019
Great salesman, Rick O'Malley! A pleasure to work with. All aspects of purchase went as planned.No surprises.
21 jul. 2019
Dealership was quick to follow up but kept bugging me to make an appointment. I really don't feel like this is necessary when there are 10 salespeople hanging around doing nothing. When I got there the car was not as listed but I drove anyway thinking if price right I might consider. And I would have but sales manager gave me trade in price $2500 below average KBB for vehicle. I can deal with a little below but that is insane. However salesperson was great. Very down to earth.
20 jul. 2019
Although we did not go see this car, DeNooyer contacted me within a couple of hours after my email wanting info on the car. They were great at trying to get an appointment set up to test drive the vehicle. We just purchased another vehicle from another dealership.
11 jul. 2019
1 jul. 2019
Quick response in contacting me.
16 jun. 2019
Contacted about this vehicle. Salesman was nice. Price is entirely too high for the miles. They wouldn’t come down to market value which is around 48k and that’s not really the salemans fault. Whoever took the car in on trade most likely gave the customer too much for this car to begin with. I’d be surprised if they find a buyer at this price and don’t ship it to auction and cut their loss
8 jun. 2019
Friendly and accommodating.
21 may. 2019
DeNooyer Chevrolet, was quick to respond to my questions about the Buick I was interested in. Good Service with CarGurus.
14 may. 2019
Not Good. I found a car I wanted and tried to buy it doing everything online. They would not work with me unless I came into to see them. So I found another dealer that was willing to work with me online and bought from them.
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3 may. 2019
Called me once to get info from me but never called back until 5 days later and by then I had purchased a similar vehicle from a different dealer.
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21 abr. 2019
Prices outlandish, mileage change on the car listing by adding 50,000 miles, and the price stayed the same...way too high. Called to cancel my test drive as a result and asked for a call back to discuss the issue with a sales rep...the call back never came. Poor customer service, inaccurate listing and high prices.
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16 abr. 2019
Top notch dealership and staff! Very pleasurable buying experience.
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19 mar. 2019
Quick and attentive service
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11 mar. 2019
Jeffrey Maltbie was very helpful and accommodating.
9 feb. 2019
Great experience Not pushy
7 feb. 2019
Overall a great experience. I purchased the car from out of state. The entire team made me feel welcomed and the whole process was simple. My salesperson Chris was great and knows performance vehicles. My new car is everything and so much more than I had expected.
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2 feb. 2019
Above and beyond customer friendly!! If I was going to buy I would definitely shop there!!
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31 ene. 2019
They contacted me immediately. I'm still looking for the right one. But would definitely consider one from Denooyer
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25 ene. 2019
Dealer was slow to respond and unwilling to negotiate. Additionally, when I went to look at the car, it was buried under a snow bank from a storm 2 days prior.
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14 ene. 2019
While a internet sales person did reach out to me initially, their response time after initial contact was very slow. I called and left a message for this person and never received a call back. Was passed on to someone else and after the first email contact with them, they were also very slow to get back with me.They told me that they dealt with people from out of state often and liked doing it but I felt as though I wasn't very important to them because I wasn't standing in their showroom. In the end I missed out on a buying opportunity and was very unhappy with the experience.
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2 ene. 2019
Set an appointment up to see a particular car and when I arrived the next morning it was no longer there. The least they could have done was inform me. No sweat off my back as it isn’t a far drive but just good customer service. I did get an email the next day that it was sold a day late a dollar short ‍♂️
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9 dic. 2018
There was a typo on the price of the car. Turned out to be almost $4,000 higher. Rebecca was helpful with her information.
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9 dic. 2018
11 nov. 2018
Got back to me right away and I now have a 2016 Ford shelby gt350 sitting in my garage!
3 nov. 2018
I ended up buying a different Range that I loved even more that he found for me. Johnny Patenza is the best salesman ever!!!! Highly reccomend him when purchasing a new car.
1 nov. 2018
Quick response. Detailed and honest.
7 oct. 2018
Went through 3 different sales man. All said they would stay in contact and find me a truck. Over a 9 month period none of them stood by their word.
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16 jul. 2018
Outstanding in all areas, thanks Scott.
13 jun. 2018
I told the internet girl my terms and see would not respond back at all i said i wanted a fair deal but wont take a bath on my trade in
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3 jun. 2018
Nice job very friendly excellent reply back good work
28 may. 2018
Car was already sold but they responded quick
16 may. 2018
Very favorable , I did purchase the car was looking for .
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5 may. 2018
Dealer responded to my inquiry within an hour
13 abr. 2018
Good response time.
15 mar. 2018
Denooyer is always my 1st place to check for cars I'm interested in because of their world class exceptional service
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15 mar. 2018
So far so good. I'm waiting for the weather to break to check out a car.
28 feb. 2018
They responded right away and kept me informed about the vehicle I inquired about.
26 feb. 2018
Called he day prior and was told the truck was still available. Drove two hours to see it to be told it was sold the day before.
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19 feb. 2018
Very good customer service no pressure
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19 feb. 2018
Responded quickly
28 ene. 2018
Salesman was knowledgeable and through, got a nice deal. The owner also said hello and checked in . They really aimed to please .
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23 ene. 2018
The dealership contacted me via email and phone. Very pleasant. No hassle. I would call them again. I didn't want the car ultimately, they were very understandable. willing to help in any way.
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10 ene. 2018
My experience was horrible! Drive 3 hours to be told the car was sold that morning.
6 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
1 dic. 2017
They got back to me quickly. Was more than fair when I got there. And followed up
1 dic. 2017
They low ball your trade and ask top dollar for their vehicles. Not willing to negotiate at all.
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18 nov. 2017
First of all I would like to say that I had a good experience at Denooyer. They had a large selection of inventory and the staff was very friendly and did the best they could to answer my questions and find exactly what I was looking for. I ended up leasing a Chevy Bolt and I love the car! It was clear however that GM does not train their employees on the specifics of electric vehicles or the relevant contracts and incentives. Many of the questions I had about the vehicle and the contract (dealer and tax incentives) were not easy for the staff to answer. I expected a certain degree of this because EVs are still fairly new but I was surprised to learn that GM didn't provide much guidance... I get the impression that most car manufactures don't want to be in the business of selling electric vehicles. As far as I'm concerned though, none of the responsibility falls on the dealership as their staff was more than willing to do the research necessary. The only other issue I had was that none of the EVs in their inventory were charged. When I finally drove off the lot, my Bolt had 26 miles until it was completely dead... took 4 days to fully charge.
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13 nov. 2017
Good. They sold the car right away, but saved me the trip of driving out there. None of that shady dealer that doesn't tell you they sold the car you're coming to see.
25 oct. 2017
2 sep. 2017
Great experience, easy to deal with and good prices.
25 ago. 2017
Excellent staff. Bought Car
9 ago. 2017
When we arrived the next day to look at the truck. IT HAD BEEN SOLD 3 DAYS EARLIER. We checked and it was still listed on your site. I felt like it was deceptive as they than tried to sell us something else. Will not return. Very Unprofessional .
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6 ago. 2017
Jack Johnson
Jamila is my Local go to car salesperson. Unfortunately, The two cars that I test drove were not my final choice.
5 jul. 2017
Christian Morrison
Very good response time
9 jun. 2017
Got right back to me and willing to do anything to make the deal.
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16 may. 2017
made appointment with customer service to view this car,arrived and it was no where to be found,came back again to find out car had been damaged when used a demonstrator,waited 30 minutes for management to get me a cash price they discounted car $300.00 because "they had to spend money to repair it" not my problem what a joke!
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9 ene. 2017
Good car sold 5 star
1 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
5 dic. 2016
So far great. Getting ready to pick up car hopefully by end of week. Very easy to deal with. Very quick transaction. Hope stays this way till pick up.
1 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
5 oct. 2016
Salesperson was very polite and eager to sell me something, but the VERY reasonably priced car I had found on had mysteriously dissappeared. Sold? would not have lasted long at that price, but sure smells like bait and switch to me!
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29 ago. 2016
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16 ago. 2016
Would not come down on price even when shown varguruscsaid overpriced. Tried old tactic of wearing us down with "just let me check ONE more thing' until we got up and lrft
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12 abr. 2016
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9 abr. 2016
Lied about car being sold...... using false info about cars... just want to get non refundable deposits out of people...
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25 mar. 2016
Awesome experience with this dealer. All of the people I worked with were great. I bought the Avalanche. I will go back when I need our next car.
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22 feb. 2016
Very good response
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18 feb. 2016
Took long time to be care for but i wasnt in a hurry thank god. but they didnt have a vehicle that fit the bill. I have to be at cerntain price range because already approved for around $20,0000.00 couldn't go over that price. Im trading in a super bad h3 hummer so to replace that vehicle has to be pretty nice vehicle for me to trade in that hummer.thank u
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28 ene. 2016
They were very nice just didnt have what I was looking for
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15 nov. 2015
Peppered me with emails.
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17 nov. 2014
All in all worst experience ever had with this dealership. After finishing up on paper work with the sales department I was sent to the financing manager to finish up on the final touches of the car sale. The financing manager tweaked the numbers on my financial plan to make it seem less then it actually was and convinced me to add an "exdended coverage warranty". After realizing what he did I asked to just have the basic warranty bc I couldn't afford it. The financial employee got up out of his chair and walked up to my face and screamed at me saying "you are making a big mistake!!." After feeling insulted and timid I told him I was no longer interested. They lost a paying customer due to not being able to make their added commission. The next day I explained my experience to the facility manager via voicemail and no one had ever called me back to apologize or show any concern. I would never recommend...
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4 mar. 2014
13 ago. 2013
They had a great staff to work with and were very helpful. Would buy another car from them, most likely would be my first choise dealer.
22 jun. 2013
Car was not prep'd when I called in advance to visit the dealer the first time for a test drive. My sales person worked with us to get a good price for my car. Final prep at delivery was OK. I've waited 2 weeks to get a 2nd key and owners manual. Had to work fairly aggressively w/ the business agent to get to a final deal.
3 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
25 abr. 2013
Richard O'M alley was a good salesman and would recommend him but I got at better deal at Northstar Chevrolet
3 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
25 feb. 2013
Dealer responded right away, with no pressure, and had the car polished as new when i got there for a test drive. The sales man, and all the other people involved, made this an enjoyable experience. I found the car I wanted, and they worked with me to make the sale. I would recommend Denooyer to anyone searching for a car.
27 sep. 2012
Emailed dealership and set up an appt. to test drive a pre owned truck on the lot. Went for the appt. and the vehicle had been sold already. Wasted my time and gas.
3 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
8 jul. 2012
Stated that the vehicle was "just" sold and asked my interests as they would search their vast inventory. I did and they never responded back
3 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
27 mar. 2012
Description of truck was wrong . Said 0 miles unit had 40,000 miles
3 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.
13 feb. 2012
Totally rude not interested that in not a local sale. So I went else where! Not to mention same car less miles 5grand less
3 persona/s le/s resultó útil este Evaluación.

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