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Lenny writes:

Beauty In A Reinforced Concrete Body — Coming in at over 4,000 lb, the 1963 is no lightweight. you could hit a telephone poll and the car will just smile and keep on going. the 401 bigblock has tons of power and torq, although the tires are too small to get it all to the ground. the car is farily quit for having such a big motor, and you cant feel the transmission shifts at all. inside the car is everything bucik stood for back in the day, power steering, 4 way power seats, power windows, rear wood center console, the works. sadly there are only seats for 4 in this over 17foot long beast, however those are 4 very comfortable seats. named one of the top 25 most beautiful cars in the world, the american jaguar is truly the epitomy 1963 luxury

Pros: Plenty of power, really comfy interior, seamless shifting transmission

Cons: only a 2-speed automatic, brakes are horrable, gas mileage is that of a hummer

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