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Fuccillo Autoplex Nelliston

22 reviews

Evaluaciones del concesionario

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9 dic. 2019
Car was not ready to view even though they had it listed. Asked if they would call when ready. No call. I called. They said they'd get the car ready. Got there, car not ready. They said they'd call. They did. I went down the same day they called. It was SOLD! After I had them get the car ready. After I made 2 trips to the dealership. REALLY??? The salespeople were nice, but the dealership seems in disarm and poorly managed.
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26 nov. 2019
My experience was very good for the dealership I explained to them what I wanted and what my conditions were and they did everything they could to help me very happy
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3 oct. 2019
Very helpful and willing to work with any customer in the auto market
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3 sep. 2019
I was contacted, the sales person was very pleasant and helpful and eager to help me find a car. Frank
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12 ago. 2019
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24 jul. 2019
Worst dealer ever, set up an appt to drive car, drove 2 hrs to get there and car was not ready and being worked on. Terrible sales staff, clueless when it came to even how they could offer the car for me. Mechanic that we talked to was quitting that day because of poor leadership and said it would be weeks before car would be looked at. Total waste of time, do not bother to go there..
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2 jul. 2019
Very good experience, I would buy from them again.
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16 may. 2019
Amazing experience at ford they really concentrated on my needs when it came to truck and payment. I Will go to Nelliston Ford for all of my vehicles.
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24 abr. 2019
Yes they contacted me but they were unable to give me a price on the Jeep. When I called the salesman he explained sales people don't know the price of vehicles. He then transferred me the person that should know the price. But he transfer me to the wrong person. I then waited over 15 minutes and never got through. I then sent an email to the salesman explaining no one picked up and I didn't believe they even had the Jeep. I then got an email back form the second person explaining they were super busy and Bill would call me with the price. I email back and said if I don't pick up because I'm working please leave a voice mail with the price. Bill did call back left a voice mail but to my surprise didn't leave a price on the Jeep. Told me to call him back. It's been over a week, the web site still doesn't have a price on the Jeep and no one has called me on the price of the Jeep. If your thinking of doing any business with these people I would think twice.
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21 abr. 2019
Kyree and Bill were great to work with. Very gracious with our bartering. I drove 2 hours to the dealership, was there for 3 hours. I was looking for possibly too good of a deal and unfortunately was not able to reach an agreement.....proably more on my side then theirs. They were wonderful.
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21 mar. 2019
The dealer initially wanted $18,557. I tried to work a deal, however, the business manager told the sales person they were unwilling to move on the price as they were already loosing money on the vehicle. Now the dealer has same vehicle listed at $17,000. I contacted dealer to try to make a deal. Again, business manager told sales person they were unwilling to move on the price. It appears this business manager is not interested in moving this vehicle since they have had this vehicle at their dealership for 90 days and is unwilling to negotiate. I would not recommend doing business with this dealership.
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10 feb. 2019
They responded to my first inquiry promptly but I had to call twice to have them follow up on a question that I had about the vehicle. The salesman was nice but kept on insinuating that “the vehicle might not be there by tonight”. Would not move on the price and said that I could pay extra for the hitch package. Went elsewhere to be accommodated.
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7 ene. 2019
Got an email saying they tried to contact me but I had no calls. I called them and the person who claimed he tried to contact me was busy. The person I spoke to couldn't answer my question. He called me back later and made an appointment for that afternoon. Car was supposed to be in front of the dealership when I got there. When I arrived it was nowhere to be seen. I saw a salesperson and told him who I was. He had no idea I was coming and didn't know where the car was. They have 3 stores at one location. The car was supposed to be at the chevy store. He found it in the garage at the Ford store. I did get to drive it and the salesperson was great but getting to that point was just plain frustration. Making the appointment was futile. I'm still getting emails from the first guy saying he has tried to contact me and can't reach me, yet he has never called me.
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27 dic. 2018
They contacted me right away. Went to dealership they treated me great. Sales person Kyle was great. No pressure from Salesman. They gave me a great deal and ended up buying the car from them. I would defenitly buy a car from them again.
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20 oct. 2018
The car is misrepresented! It is not in immaculate condition. There are numerous scrapes and dings on just about every panel of the car including the roof.
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9 oct. 2018
Good communication
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19 sep. 2018
No regrets at all. The vehicle I went to see had just arrived on the lot and hadn't been gone over so it wasn't "showroom ready", but it had all the amenities I had wanted. Salesman Ed was great to work with, both in person and over the phone. Attentive and fast to return my phone calls. Clean, modern facility too. It was about a 40 minute drive to get to but easy to find and well worth the trip. High review ratings don't usually come easy from me, but this dealer earned it.
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30 jun. 2018
Very friendly and responded quickly
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19 jun. 2018
I'm very impressed with the staff and how they have kept in touch.
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7 may. 2018
Dealer was nice to work with. Bought the car from them. Withheld one star since delivery took a couple of hours of sitting and waiting because, repeated several times was, "we didn't know you were coming" despite my making an appointment for delivery. This is the second time this has happened to me with this chain of dealerships upon taking delivery.
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27 abr. 2018
Car was completely a piece of junk Scrathes, rust and a hole in the bumper. Hopped in to test drive and cr grinder loudly was told before it had just had a 100 point inspection . Drive from cicero my expecting a nice car and arrived to a car that would be lucky to sell in an auction. The salesman was friendly and that’s the only reason I give it one star!!
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17 abr. 2018
Quick to respond, set up appointment for that Saturday , saw on CarGurus the truck was no longer available, I called sales person and they didn’t know it wasn’t available then tried to still get me to come in to look at another brand truck that I am not interested in !
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17 oct. 2017
Great service. The sales team stayed late after the regular work hours to work through the deal with us.
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24 sep. 2017
Very friendly dealer ship who took care of all my needs.
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22 sep. 2017
I called them to make a deal on a price because I live over an hour away. The car listed for $17,250, a bit high for a 2014 Focus ST without any options. They upped the price to $18k then told me they dropped it to $17k and that it was a great deal. The car blue books for a little over $10k on trade in. The dealers around here always offer lowest trade in value. Smoke and mirrors to try to make $7k off of a 3 year old car.
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10 sep. 2017
The crew at Nelliston Ny were great I bought the truck. Good trade in allowance good price Great service.
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8 sep. 2017
horrible experience! we made appointment they told us we are all set from financial side and we can come and sign the paperwork. we drove 3 hours,called 2 hours before that we are on our way they said they are expecting us so we can come and they said car is sold this morning. same car that we supposed to buy. nobody apologized or offered another car anything. they just gave us $30 gas card. today we received after month that we didn't get the car because we weren't approved but I'm pretty sure they made appointment for us to come and sign the papers because we were all set. and now after month they are sending we are not approved. also lady who supposed to met us on that appointment never showed up to greet us and another one was rolling her eyes while we were talking to her. they might have good deals on the cars but they are not professional you better of paying more money but being treated right.
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15 ago. 2017
Dealership was very helpful.
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30 jun. 2017
There was nice service and I was gonna buy a car that was supposed to be near my budget. I was supposed to get a call 2 days after but never did. So I called and the sales person said my payments were gonna be 450/month which is way out of my budget
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29 may. 2017
Staff was very friendly. However I felt like I was stalked when I pulled into the lot in Nelliston,NY
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29 mar. 2017
call back same day
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27 mar. 2017
I ended up not dealing iwth this place only because I had found another vehicle in my area. Responded promptly. Seems to be very helpful.
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2 feb. 2017
Simply amazing I'll recommend these people to anyone. The best I've ever been ! Cody thanks a lot brother !
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