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Fast Lane Auto Sales

2 reviews

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17 ene. 2019
Responded to my inquiry immediately. Very helpful.
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14 abr. 2018
Answered all of questions and was very pleasant! Am still interested in the vehicle, waiting for on Monday for loan approval.
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27 oct. 2017
They responded to my message request within 24 hours. They answered my initial questions, I kept looking back at the ad over time and notice the priced dropped a significant amount. So I called again to make an offer, and the salesman told me straight up why it went down in price and the cost it would take to fix it. I appreciate his honesty.
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3 mar. 2017
very knowledgeable
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25 dic. 2016
the dealer was great! I'm ready for a test drive and want to learn how to work the car
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18 mar. 2016
I purchased a 2008 saab 9-3. The price was good, and it drove super nice when I test drove it. The next day I started noticing a lot of problems. The fuel gauge is always empty, the driver side lock doesn't work, only 1/3 of the wind-shield washer jets work, The car radio's am/fm do not work, and it runs super rough when cold started, which means it probably has the valve stem problem. He hid most of there from me with clever tactics, when I got there the car was unlocked, so I didn't need to use the push button. And he had to have warmed up the car and drove it a bit to hide the valve stem problem. All together I estimate around $3000, to $3500 for repairs on a $5,750 car. I am veteran and college student that saved for months to buy a car and got burnt.. Stay away from this guy!!!
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7 abr. 2016
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
This guy spent alot of time driving this car and looking it over, how could all of this be wrong with this car and him not notice all of these alleged problems. This guy also drove this car home which was 4 hours away and still no issues. Two days later he says give me some money back to fix these alleged problems or I will slam you with a negative review, I gave him no money back so now you are seeing his negative review.
26 dic. 2015
After purchasing this vehicle on December 12, 2015, to date I still have not received the necessary titling documentation. I have been given the run around for 2 weeks and have received very limited response from the Dealership. I have a vehicle in my driveway that I cannot drive. Terrible experience that still has not been resolved.
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6 abr. 2016
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
I said that it would be a delay on the title but I got the title out in three weeks time. New car dealerships take a minimum of 30 days to send out a title, he got his in way less time and every time that he called or emailed I always responed.
22 dic. 2015
he responded, but as suspected, had purposely left out pictures of damaged seat covers, about a 3 grand repair
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17 oct. 2015
Great Experience!!;
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