Del Coronado Motors

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Del Coronado Motors

3 reviews
Hoy 9:00 A M - 7:00 P M (Cerrado ahora)

Evaluaciones del concesionario

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13 may. 2018
Gave me a few phone conversations....vehicle was just too far away to make the deal
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14 abr. 2018
Quick to respond
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20 mar. 2018
The car that I was interested in wasn't on the lot, but they were nice enough to get it for me so I could take a look at it. They were even honest enough to let me know the shocks would need replacing. Even though ultimately I didn't buy the car, I'd go back if they have another car that I might be interested in.
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7 mar. 2017
Very professional company. They called, but did not harass. I would definitely do business with them in the future.
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4 ago. 2016
I was VERY interested in a car listed. Wrote an email and dealer never responded. After some sleuthing I found the dealer listed as DC Motors. Googled that. Phoenix anyway. More sleuthing...researched VIN...DC Motors is actually Del Coronado Motors on W. Van Buren. Googled that...yay! No hours of operation posted so drove down at 10am. Locked up tight. Tried to locate the car I wanted in the lot...couldn't see it. I have cash with me...I was serious. Some guy walked up kinda casual and asked what I wanted...duh...a car. He said they were out doing errands and that he could not help me but pointed vaguely across the street and said to wait for another guy. I asked about the car I came for (with cash). He said that car was in another lot several blocks away and that he would have to go get it....and seemed more than a little put out. It all seemed SO sketchy so I left. It bugged me because it was exactly the model I was looking for.
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13 jun. 2014
E-mailed for information on a car and the dealer responded very quickly! I appreciate that kind of service!
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27 mar. 2014
Response was two late, way to late! A whole week to be exact.
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