Hub Mitsubishi West

17007 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77094
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Ventas: (832) 662-1247 Servicio: (888) 632-0324

Hoy 9:00 A M - 9:00 P M (Abierto ahora)
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Hub Mitsubishi West

1 review
Hoy 9:00 A M - 9:00 P M (Abierto ahora)
17007 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77094

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5 mar. 2019
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
27 abr. 2017
One of their sale persons and I went back and forth on the price of a vehicle. When we finally agreed upon a price, I requested a buyers order so my bank could draw up the paperwork and cut the check, to which she said that they would have it ready for me at the car lot. I told the sales person that I lived 3.5 hours away and that my bank would need it before I came to the dealership. I gave her my banks name, contact person and fax number. We started this conversation in the morning. By the afternoon, my bank called and said that they hadn't received the proposal. When I contacted the sales person about this situation, she put me on hold. When she came back to the phone, she said that the price that she quoted me was a managers weekend special price. I asked, why didn't she tell me this before hand and why did she agree to the price just this morning, which was on a Wednesday. The price increased by $2000.00. Safe to say they were trying to hoodwink me into driving 3.5 hours in the hopes that I would have no choice but to purchase the vehicle at that price. Word to the wise, avoid this dealership unless you get the price on a proposal in your hand first.
A 10 de cada 10 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
1 ene. 2017
Scam artists..I went there twice, they would not give me a clear price, everything they were showing me was high. The same day I saw a good price on a Sonata on car Gurus and their website. I called and they assured me the car was still available. Knowing how these guys can be, I asked them to check the lot to make sure, I was assured again that the car is there. When I drove 40 min to get there, it was clear that they were giving me the run around, said the car hasn't been here at all today. The dealer who confirmed the car was there never showed their face. I wouldn't go to them again!!
A 12 de cada 12 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
19 sep. 2016
The salesperson was rude. I asked to speak with the internet sales mgr that responded to my inquiry. He refused to assist me with that request. This is a big dealership with no customer service experience. I walked away feeling upset that I wasted my time on an offer I submitted and couldn't speak to the person I had been corresponding with. I bought a car from the dealer next door; who found the vehicle I went into this dealership to purchase.
A 13 de cada 13 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
31 jul. 2016
E-mailed follow up and phone call but I found a car at another location.
A 1 de cada 1 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
14 jul. 2016
Vehicle was listed at different price than advertised at the time I conversed with them. Had been sold
A 5 de cada 5 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
10 jul. 2016
Lack of communication! I had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday July 5th. I drove almost an hour and when I got there one of the guys said they sold the vehicle July 4th. It would have been nice to know that before I drove out there.
A 4 de cada 5 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
5 jul. 2016
Car was no longer there and dealer wasted my time up selling. Got better deal at non Hyundai dealer.
A 4 de cada 4 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
3 may. 2016
Price WAY over fair market value but the dealer was very attentive.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
17 mar. 2016
Had a 4 pm appointment to test drive the jeep and manager in new cars left message for used cars Ryan i was coming to look at it have been looking at jeeps for a year and when I find one it's "SOLD"before I get there because no communication. And i live 45 min from dealer not a fun drive in rush hour traffic common curiosity would be to let someone know before they get there there vehicle had been sold. To save the the hassle of the drive for no reason. And I get a call to see when I was going to make it in for test drive at 4p. After I had been there at 3:45p It will take something I can not refuse to ever come back to this dealer.And I'm looking to buy now. Before my daughter's graduation her dream is to own a jeep. Dreams busted have to start all over again.she knew I was coming to get the jeep. Thanks alot for good communication between sale's. Lady that called me was very nice.but other than that epic fail.
A 5 de cada 5 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
13 feb. 2016
Dealer was not too bad. The salesman was great and gave us a great deal. Like most dealers though, they tacked on more fees to the car besides tax/title/license/document fees. Less than most dealers though... Overall a positive experience
A 2 de cada 2 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
13 feb. 2016
I went by and looked at the car, made an offer a few days later in the evening and then they raised the price of the car by $7,000 the morning after my offer. The car is still priced incorrectly on this site, but updated on the dealers website.
A 2 de cada 2 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
30 ene. 2016
The person who has contacted me first time from dealer company was telling me about her private life like children, previous jobs, future goals etc. but has not gave me any single information about car that I have requested! Silly isn't it
A 2 de cada 2 personas les resultó útil este(a) review.
¿Te resultó útil esto? | No
13 oct. 2015
Ryan Manager is honest and great!
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
30 jul. 2015
Mileage was listed at zero, agent did not know why.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
25 ago. 2014
Contacted me in a timely manner, very friendly.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
27 jul. 2014
Terrible!!! Travis the internet mgr. quoted me a price and said no gimmicks this my price... I told him I had a 5 hour drive to get there and if the price changed I would walk out. After talking 4 times to Travis I took off on Friday and took my family to Hub West. Upon arrival Travis said the car was cleaned and waiting (NOT) The car was nasty and had grass and mud on carpet it had 200 miles on it and had ashes and smelled the cigarette. We popped the hood and I found the spare key by the wiper tray wet. Travis immediately say that silly new girl we have parking the cars is dingy she constantly loosing keys or messing up. We went in side and he told me the price to a sum of $3000 higher than originally quoted yes.. 3 thousand higher I told him he was crazy. He said he made a mistake and forgot to take out the rebates. ." but hey you came this far so lets make a deal....." I told him that was not good business.. I wasted 10 hours roundtrip.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
30 jun. 2014
Do NOT trust their internet price. It is just an advertisement to attract you to be there.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
14 abr. 2014
Dealer responded a day or two later. I was already on my way to another dealership.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
28 ago. 2013
Ruben and team did not pressure me to buy the car, they were very pleasant to work with! I love the car!
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
28 jul. 2013
I drove an hour to see a car and receive a salesman who was very uneducated on the car. I had to ask multiple times to get him to return my insurance paper for the test drive as well.
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No
21 feb. 2013
they contact me
¿Te resultó útil este(a) review? | No