3 Star Auto

420 Hudgins Rd, STE. 106
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
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Ventas: (540) 401-5318

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3 Star Auto

1 review
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420 Hudgins Rd, STE. 106
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

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24 sep. 2019
I’m incredibly glad that I was able to have a great first car buying experience thanks to 3 Star Auto. Tim was very upfront about any problems the car had and fixed them in a very quick time frame as the car was ready to be picked up the next day. They definitely earned another longtime customer!
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4 oct. 2019
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
Thanks Martha, it was a pleasure doing business with you and your dad. I’m glad that your first car buying experience was a great experience. We always try to do our best to make sure the customer is satisfied with their purchase. We like to have long term relationships with our customers so when your ready for a new car you can always count on us to get you that great deal. Thanks again!
13 oct. 2017
Tim was a great guy to deal with and he held up his end of the deal when I found something wrong with the truck. Great guy. Honesty, and someones word goes a long way with me, and he had both. The only thing is that the truck is definitely a Short Bed, not a Long Bed, but it's what I wanted anyway.
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29 jun. 2017
Salesman was very curt, almost abrupt, , said car had been sold. That was it
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10 jul. 2017
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
Thanks for you input Judi. I think You may have us confused with maybe a different dealership you may have contacted but just to make sure I went back and looked at the E-mail transcript between us and i believe the conversation went like this,
You- Is this car still available and what kind of shape is it in?
Us- Are you talking about the 2006 Nissan Altima?
You- Yes! The gold one.
Us- Actually that car is in prefect shape but it has been sold already sorry.
So that being said not sure how you would find that curt or abrupt. We take pride in our customer service and welcome any reviews g
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3 mar. 2017
Helpful and knowledgeable! Extremely personable and I would definitely recommend 3 Star to my friends and family. I will definitely be a return customer.
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22 dic. 2016
Very professional and courteous dealership. Would recommend to all.
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9 nov. 2016
I spoke with a Salesman on the phone he indicated that the Crown Victoria was police interceptor vehicleo. But of course it wasn't it was an LX model I think he was trying to impress me with it being a police vehicle if he had looked at the VIN number he would know it was a P 74. Not a police P 71. I have to say it was a good looking car that is too expensive for me thank you
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6 jun. 2016
Dealer was very responsive. Unfortunately, we ended up buying a vehicle we liked better from someone else. But would definitely consider doing business with him the next time.
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17 may. 2016
Dealer responded right away after filling out the app. Spoke with someone and never heard from them again. Bought a new car elsewhere.
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29 jun. 2017
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
Thanks for your input. I tried to call you several times. The last time we spoke you said that you were at work and that you would fill out the credit application when you got a chance. I never got it and tried to call again but did not get an answer so I figured that you weren't interested in the car anymore. We are not a pushy dealership we do not keep harassing people trying to sell them cars. I feel that if a person is interested in a car that we have there is no need to keep calling them they will get back with us. We sell quality used cars. Either way I am glad that you were able to find
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12 may. 2016
I was contacted via email... However, upon further review of the vehicle, I found it not to be a reasonably priced buy. The photos supplied did not justly portray the vehicles condition. At least they did not respond by flooding my email with irrelevant follow up, as with many others.
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