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Evaluación de un 1995 Volvo 850 T5R Turbo Wagon
por Phil408

95 850 T5-R

It's a Volvo; It's a Turbo, It's a Wagon; It's black; It has lots of power, It has a smooth ride, It has a very nice interior; It has some great handling, and the 95 version is more unique as it's the only one badged T5-R in North America.

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1994 Volvo 850 GLT Used Cars in Denver, CO 80224

Precio: $3,997

Millaje: 77,000

Ubicación: Denver, CO 80224

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Automático de 4-Velocidades Color: Burgundy Descripción: 1994 Volvo 850 GLT usado de venta - $3,997, 77,000 millas con Quemacocos, Rines de Aleación
Concesionario: (2 evaluaciones) "These guys weren't prepared for the sale even though they had weeks. I sent a deposit and committed to the deal, but they didn't remove the ad until the day before I came. When I arrived they were supposed to have given it the" once over". To start with I went to open the hood and the hood release was broken off laying on the floor. Once opened, by pulling the cable by hand, it was low on anti freeze. When we took it for a test drive one of the signal( tail) lights was malfunctioning. To their credit they got the new pieces and got it working. Having had several of these trucks I knew what the problem was and guided them through it. Again, to their credit the oil wass clean and so was the tranny fluid. I wanted to check the front end and they had no means to do this, just a floor jack and crow bar was all I needed. I did the paperwork which they were fast and efficient at . Before leaving I made note of wear on the outside driver side tire. That's why I wanted to check the front end. I was driving the truck back to new England and didn't want any surprises. I advised them I'd get the front end aligned. My choice. I was informed by big tire franchise that the lower ball joint were worn out and they wanted 800.00 to do the job. I knew it's a 200.00 job so I chanced it,after I checked the joints myself. I realized they were worn but they survive the journey. In my state this vehicle would not pass inspection and would be considered unsafe as is. I was concerned about excessive wear on a relatively new tire. When I called them to express my disappointment about this and a few other items ( mismatched wiperblades and non working wiper fluid on one side), I was told it was a 21 year old truck and the had come down 495$ so I should not expect it to be perfect. If I wanted to bring the truck back they would refund my money. I wasn't looking for additional discount I was trying to advise them that these little things would have made the sale that much better. I got replacement wipers at Walmart for 6$ a piece. Overall I give them 3 outta 5 they came to the airport and picked me up they were accomodating except for the end, but their youth and inexperience showed through in their lack of prep for the delivery of the product. I would not do business with them again and would advise any one else not to , unless" you know exactly what your buying and take some time to check it out before purchasing" or, go elsewhere,."

1995 Volvo 850 GLT Used Cars in Littleton, CO 80121

Precio: $6,590

Millaje: 110,000

Ubicación: Littleton, CO 80121

Certificado de Segunda Mano: No Transmisión: Automático de 4-Velocidades Color: Red Descripción: 1995 Volvo 850 GLT usado de venta - $6,590, 110,000 millas con Quemacocos, Rines de Aleación
Concesionario: (11 evaluaciones) "Very pushy about the vehicle I was inquiring about Come to find out the vehicle I was inquiring about is at another dealership."
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