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7720 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024

(281) 783-8967

(Cerrado ahora) 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

"They didn't want me to get the car! Some one else after came trying to get the vehicle because they saw it after I had got done with my test drive and also gave them all the information for getting approved. Even letting them test drive the vehicle. After I watched them get out and go straight to one of the rooms from across the hall where I was. After I saw this happening it began to become some weird struggle getting approved even after the sales man had already came in and said "you have been approved". They wanted me to provide more information on my second job. If I was approved with my first income why would my second income matter? After sitting and battling with them for hours they finally said I had been approved. It was the absolute worse I have even seen a sales person be. Even trying to act nice even after the fact. I am no stupid person. Everyone is buying cars right because of the flooding that happened in Houston. These guys were just looking for the best commission they could get. They through out all values for the money. That's fine, but my future business wont be anywhere near this place. Its so bad I don't even want to pick up my dealer plates knowing I have to. I have my car and thankful for that but if you want to deal with trustworthy people, don't go Helfman Fiat! "

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