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Mar 1, 2011
Schoepp Motors is a high pressure sales dealer. The sales people do not LISTEN to what the customer says. They pick up on a few words about a particular type of vehicle and then filter everything else out. They ask questions which they have no interest in the answer. They push and push and push and it's a real turn-off. This is both West side and East side as i was at both locations for nearly 90 minutes/ea. I even dealt with the owner, Mr. Schoepp and he was just as difficult to talk to. In addtion Schoepp Motors is way too expensive. They have 2008 model cars with nearly 50,000 miles at the same price as the 2009 (same make/model) with 35,000 miles at 2 other dealers around town. When brought to their attention, it was insisted that i was wrong, even tought i've been searching, talking, test driving and more... for weeks. I know my cars... and the ones at Schoepp are a minimum of $1000 too expensive. Their $3000 trade deal, is also bogus because they have already marked the car higher than it should be just so they can then come down $3000 making it look like you got a great deal, espeically if your car is worth far less than $3000. Well, if it's too good to be true, it probably is! This was for again, AFTER the $3000 automatic trade allowance, they are still more than $1000 too high AND... they are not willing to negotiate. On the west side we were ready to sign, all they had to do was come to a fair price. Sadly, same situation on the East side with one exception... I got to work with Mr. Schoepp directly. Anyhow, bottom line is... Schoepp Motors is over priced. They are unwilling to negotiate a fair price even when you can show them that they are too expensive. They think their automatic $3000 trade is a great deal for customers when in reality, it's bogus for the simple reason that their cars are too expensive to begin with. When we test drove the cars, one car was practically out of gas and as I was test driving trying to get the feel for the car, i kept hearing the dinging and seeing the display say it's out of gas. So naturally being in an unfamiliar car, I didn't know if i was going to make it back to the dealer or not. It killed the test drive experience. Another car I test drove, one of the tires were low and this car dinged the entire time trying to let me know that the tire(s) were low. So again, it killed the experience because i kept wondering... what's wrong with this tire and do i want to buy a car where i need to keep filling a tire with air??? I then went to drive a 3rd car and when the salesman opened the door, he could see how dirty the car was inside and i don't meen the floors because that's unavoidable in the winter time. The car was filthy. There were quarters in the passenger seat and pennies on the floor. This car was NOT CLEANED BEFORE BEING PUT ONTO THE LOT! EWW... it was a filthy car. When the salesguy opened the door and saw it, he then closed the door and said, "we're not driving this one, it's filthy" and he turned and started walking. I was laughing for it was comedic. He was absolutely serious and seeing him walk when i just said i wanted to take it out, was funny. One of those things where you'd have to see it to get the humor of the situation. The other problem with Schoepp is that the sales people will go inside, ask you to sit in their cubicles and then tell you they will be right back and then GO OUTSIDE AND HAVE A SMOKE! My salesguy did it while i was waiting for him to go get the keys to another car. When we were test driving i had to ask him, "do you smoke?" and he said, "i do." I asked, "did you smoke while i was waiting for you to get the keys to this car?" and his reply was, "i did, why can you smell it?". Um... yeah! PEEEEUUUU! I mean really! SO i said, "Yes, i can and i just needed to know whether it was you or the car for i won't buy a car smelling like this!". He apologized. But really... you're with a customer and between test drives you're going out for smokes? REALLY? I can imagine asking one of my customers to hang on, and then go out for a smoke! My wife said that she was 2 other sales guys, with customers, do the same thing. This really is not the place to go to buy your cars. THey are over priced, have logs of pricing gimic's and the sales staff is less than professional. This is in addtion to the classic used car salesman personna that the sales guys have. Hard sales... push, push and push some more. Sorry, i'm unimpressed.
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