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Aug 31, 2017
Very well
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May 24, 2017
Pure Automotive responded to all my calls and questions fairly quickly. They were nice people and although a few minor difficulties with printing the whole process went fairly smooth.
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Mar 24, 2017
Excellent service and price
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Nov 6, 2016
Overall terrible experience, probably the worst customer service I have ever received. This was the last seller I went to look at after visiting two very well organized and friendly dealerships on my search for a 330i zhp. These cars are hard to come by and the reason I decided to add a visit to this dealer that was so far away from where I'm located (Iowa=5 hour drive) was because of the 2005 330i zhp they had on their lot. Called multiple times with questions and they kept nicely answering "car is in great shape" "no rust" "no tears in leather" and seemed like a good deal considering the options and claimed condition of the car. However, immediately upon arrival I was disgusted at the complete pile they said was "in great shape" "etc". To start with the exterior it had bald Chinese tires, missing engine plastic components, hood doesn't even open properly, chips but more like chunks missing of paint on the hood, bumper, and two front quarters, hazed headlights, faded/ swirled paint, curb rashed wheels and rust on hood where large rock chips are, (thought there was no rust??), dents, if not dents scratches on every panel, and faded outer black trim. Thinking to myself how can this get any worse, I was surprised that it actually got worse once I saw the interior. The whole roof, A,B, and C pillar was falling apart or ripped, center console looked like one of them got hungry and started eating away at it, weird sticky substance on cup holder, e-brake, and center console (don't even want to know what that is..), cracked leather seats, hazard and door lock button somehow got into the center console. Almost looked like someone was tired of the car breaking down and having to put the hazards on to pull over to the side of the road so they hulk smashed it into the center console.. Completely terrible. Also just FYI, these guys knew I was coming all the way from Iowa because I called the day before and told them I was coming, why waste both our time with lies? After all that I decided to go see what they would offer for the car since I drove all this extra way (2 hours more from last dealership I looked at that day) and they greeted me with smiles, and laughter.(It was nice initially). He then tries to tell me the car is great and all this and that.. I've owned 3 of these cars and seen plently of these cars at the tracks and street and this is by far the worst E46 I've ever seen. Yes this car is old and I was not looking for a perfect car but come on. If the car looks like this please don't try and lie to me about the condition. He must not have even seen the car himself or he wouldn't of been saying what he was saying. (Probably explains why they have in huge bold letters on the windshield "330i 5-speed" when anyone can clearly figure out it has 6 gears by just looking at the shift knob or driving the car for 5 seconds. Seems like they don't even know what they are selling and they just want your money) Anyways we found a price that we agreed upon and I explained to him my situation and how I'm looking at 2 other cars, 3 total including theirs, and would need some time to think it over with the price they offered compared to the other 2 cars price, condition, options ects, and would come back with CASH on Monday if I chose to go with their car(got a hotel in St. Louis). I kid you not, when I told them I wanted time to think about the offer they literally said "so are you just practicing?" I hope you are as confused as I am but that is exactly what he said to me when I told him I wasn't buying the car right that second. He then went to go tell his "partner" or whatever that "I'm just practicing" and was laughing like he just dropped the funniest joke of all time. After that I had enough of this, I was tired, and the car and service was absolutely terrible. They only made my choice of the car I'm choosing easier. Thanks Pure Automotive.
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Response from Pure Automotive:

This is going to be a long response, based on all the non truths from the customer.
1. He did not call multiple times. He called once!
2. He stated the Tires were bald. The back tires were 90% and the front were 40% and passed Mo state inspection.
3. The previous owner had damaged the  plastic engine cover. I offered to replace. If we could make a deal.
4. He stated that is had large chunks of paint missing. Not true. it did have some small rock chips in front. and 2 door dings. That a PDR guy could  repair.
5. The head lights were fine. It passed Mo MVI.
6. As for missing paint all ar
 More ...
Oct 10, 2016
Car was making noise had a oil leaking when i popped the hood had more miles than advertised head lights were dim AZ nd scratched in side the car smelled i asked seller said he just drove it to chicago with his wife.. ? I v wondering why itcwasnt cleaned and gas level was on e not going back and wbole process took too long and thevwanted 3500 down and a 375 month p payment for that mo thank you not going back
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Response from Pure Automotive:

This customer had a prior bankruptcy. And VERY bad credit after her BK. Only had $500 down. I had only one lender out 20 that would work with people in this situation. So with her super challenged credit, I informed her that she would need 3500 down and a GPS unit installed per the lender. As for the oil leak, they removed the oil cap when the car was running, which is a no no. Oil sprayed all over the engine..There was no smell other then the BMW Leather which smells the same in all BMW's. The gas tank had a 1/4 tank... She also said something about the head light, but I could not make out th
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Oct 4, 2016
Loved the vehicle...Was working on getting my own financing when I called them back. They did not tell me it was sold until after I had secured my own financing-a week later.
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Response from Pure Automotive:

The customer had very bad credit. I could not get him a rate under 28%, The payment was way more then he wanted to pay a month... And he said he was going to check into getting a loan.. . A week later they called and said they had got a loan. I let them know we sold the truck, and I would find them another one. They were upset and said they did not want me to find a new truck. The Customer did not stay in contact with me. I cant hold a vehicle without a deposit. I'm truly sorry they were upset...
Aug 23, 2016
got the truck for the right price, great service.
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Response from Pure Automotive:

Thank You for your Business Patricia. That was the fastest sale I've ever had... Tony.....
Mar 21, 2016
Dealer followed up with me right away. Very friendly and helpful.
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Mar 10, 2016
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Feb 7, 2016
Poorly n they don't like to help you get approved
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Response from Pure Automotive:

I spoke with this customer. He asked about financing, I told him that if he goes to our website to fill out our credit app that I can start to the process. He apparently  never filled one out. I tried to followed up with the customer with no response. Here at Pure Automotive we strive to take care of each and every customer! We can't help a customer if we don't have  any information.
Feb 1, 2016
Great experience! Very friendly, would highly recommend! I'll buy from them again!
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Jan 23, 2016
They seem like a bunch of crooks They would not even let me test drive the car I wanted to buy They took me for a ride ! Also they told me the car had 2 owner so I pulled the carfax and it had 8 owners !!!! Also they would not even talk about the price It was 13995 $ take it leave it
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Response from Pure Automotive:

This customer came in on my 40th anniversary edition Mach 1 Mustang with 47xxx miles. First thing he asked, he wanted to drive it. I told him like I tell every other kid that comes in on this unit, If I can get approved I would let you drive it. I did get him approved and let him and his father drive the car, but he had very very very bad credit. He could not even prove his income,  And he did not like the rate so that was the end of that. I presented him the Auto Check on the vehicle, with all the info on the vehicle. I never stated the car had 2 owners.

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